Twitter Videos Download: How To Do It?

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SaveFrom’s Twitter video downloader makes it easy to grab videos, photos, and more from the ubiquitous social network.

The Twitter video downloader makes it easy and free to save any video or photo from the social media platform. You can save any video you find on Twitter to watch later from your computer or mobile device.

How to Save Videos from Twitter?

When you use our Twitter video downloader, getting hold of Twitter videos has never been simpler. If you’re wondering, “How to save videos from Twitter?” rest assured that you may do so immediately after downloading the video.

We’ve laid out a few easy measures below. If you want to save a video from Twitter, you may do so easily by following these instructions.

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Twitter Video Download Instructions:

  • Launch Twitter and navigate to the post where you may see the video.
  • Find the web address (URL) of the relevant tweet that contains a video.
  • Copy the URI by clicking on the tweet and then pasting it into the address bar.
  • To copy the link, select the ellipses (…) and then “Copy link to Tweet.”
  • Select “Copy link address” from the menu after right-clicking the tweet’s URL.
  • Simply copy and paste the URL from the tweet into the space provided above, then select “Download.”


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