Vinland Saga Ending Explained: What Do You Think About the Anime Vinland Saga?

Vinland Saga Ending Explained

Makoto Yukimura created and draws the historical manga series Vinland Saga Japanese:, Hepburn: Vinrando Saga. It was originally serialized in Kodansha’s Weekly Shonen Magazine, geared at young adults, before switching to Monthly Afternoon, a manga magazine aimed toward young men.

So far, as of May 2022, its chapters have been compiled across twenty-six tanks on volumes. Kodansha USA has acquired the rights to publish the Vinland Saga in English.

Two Norse sagas feature accounts of land called Vinland, and its name, Vinland Saga, is meant to invoke those accounts.

But Vinland Saga begins in Dane-controlled England at the turn of the 11th century, and it portrays the Danish conquerors of England, usually known as Vikings.

An ex-son warrior who works for the mercenaries responsible for his father’s death is the protagonist of this tale of vengeance, which also dramatizes King Cnut the Great’s ascent to power.

From July through December of 2019, NHK General TV aired a 24-episode anime adaptation of the show, which was animated by Wit Studio.

Tokyo MX and BS11 will premiere the second season, animated by MAPPA, at the beginning of 2023. More than 5.5 million copies of Vinland Saga had been sold as of July 2021.

Both the 13th Japan Media Arts Festival Grand Prize and the 36th Kodansha Manga Award for Best General Manga were awarded to the series. One of the most highly regarded anime series of the 2010s is the adaptation of The Vinland Saga.

Plot Summary

Vinland Saga Ending Explained

Thorfinn Thorsson is a young Icelander in 1002 AD who dreams of leaving his tranquil homeland to visit the legendary region of Vinland.

But things changed when Thors Snorresson, Thorfinn’s father, revealed himself to be a former Jomsvik who deserted after the Battle of Hjörungavágr to live in peace with his wife Helga and their children.

Thors accepts Floki’s offer grudgingly, and Thorfinn sneaks aboard his father’s ship just as it is intercepted by a group of pirates led by Askeladd, whom Floki hired to kill Thors for his abandonment and subsequent defection.

After Thorfinn is taken prisoner and Thors single-handedly overcomes the pirates without using deadly force and defeats Askeladd in a duel, Thors offers himself up for execution.

While the rest of the crew heads back to Iceland, a vengeful Thorfinn joins Askeladd’s crew and acts as a scout and assassin while frequently challenging his commander to duels.

In 1013 A.D., Askeladd and his men are hired as mercenaries by the Danish king Sweyn for the invasion of London.

Meanwhile, Thorfinn’s uncle Thorkell the Tall, a combative veteran of the Jomsvikings, comes to the help of the British. After Thorklel kidnaps Prince Canute, Sweden’s son, Askeladd and his associates abduct him back so that they can sell him to the winning side.

Askeladd originally intended to act on his personal agenda as a descendant of Artorius to secure his mother’s homeland of Wales from invasion, but after seeing Canute’s face while taking shelter for the winter in the frozen north of England near the Danish encampment at Gainsborough, he changed his mind.

After killing Ragnar, Canute’s retainer, and winning over Thorkell to their side, Askeladd was able to make Canute more assertive, but at the expense of most of his men.

He also discovered that Sweyn had planned for his son to die so that his oldest son Harald would succeed him, avoiding a rift within the Danes.

By executing Sweyn in front of an audience when the king announced his intention to attack Wales, Askeladd followed in the footsteps of Canute, who pretended to be insane in order to seize unopposed control of Dane-occupied England.

Thorfinn is denied the opportunity for revenge, so he attempts murder on Canute and leaves wounds on the prince’s face. Canute, who is sympathetic, sentences Thorfinn to a life of servitude.

After Askeladd’s death, Thorfinn finds employment on the farm of Ketil, a wealthy and generous farmer who treats his slaves with respect. When he meets and befriends fellow slave Einar, Einar teaches him farming skills.

Thorfinn, with the help of Einar, Snake the farm’s head of security, and Ketil’s father Sverker who is also Einar’s father, overcomes his troubled history and is inspired by visions of Thors and Askeladd to seek a life of peace apart from the brutal ways of the Vikings.

Canute, whose brother Harald was poisoned and who became King of England and Denmark at the same time as Thorfinn and Einar, is a formidable opponent to their efforts to regain their independence.

To support his forces, Canute is driven mad by visions of Sweden’s ghost and plots to steal Danish farmlands.

Vinland Saga Ending Explained

Canute starts out his campaign by capturing Ketil’s farm, convincing Ketil’s sons Thorgil and Olmar that they have good reason to do so, and then easily defeating Ketil’s warriors with the help of the Jomsvikings.

Thorfinn confronts Canute to convince him to spare the farmers after Ketil is injured and driven mad by his mistress’s betrayal to save her previous spouse. Canute gives up his right to the farm because he respects the pacifist views of Thorfinn.

Thorfinn and Einar are finally free, and they say their goodbyes to Sverker and Snake before setting ship for Iceland with Leif, an old family friend.

Thorfinn tells his mom and sister he wants to start a new life in Vinland where there’s peace and prosperity.

Thorfinn “Bug-Eyes,” Leif, Einar, and Leif’s adopted son, plan to sell Narwhal horns in Greece to raise money for the voyage to Vinland.

Gudrid, a tomboy who wants to travel the world and is running away from her fiancé; Karli, an orphaned baby boy and his pet dog who survived a Viking raid; and Hild, an experienced hunter who wants revenge on Thorfinn for killing her father while he was in Askeladd’s company, but is convinced to spare him long enough to see if Thorfinn has truly changed, all join Thorfinn’s crew later on.

As Thorfinn and his men continue their trek across the Baltic Sea, Gudrid’s fiance Sigurd gives chase, intent on retrieving her for the sake of vengeance. Despite his best efforts, he is captured by Jomsvikings and forced into servitude for Thorkell.

When Thorfinn and his men reach the trading post of Jelling, Thorkell’s soldiers take him under their protection to meet the king and his wife, Floki.

The former leads Floki to believe that with the recent death of Jomsviking chieftain Sigvaldi, Thorfinn assumed leadership of the remaining Jomsvikings.

Vinland Saga Ending Explained

Refusing, Thorfinn resumes his journey with his crew, only to be chased by Floki’s killers once the latter learns Thorfinn’s true identity and fears for his life because of his role in Thors’ death.

While the rest of the group make their way into Odense, Thorfinn and Hild distract the killers by leading them around a chain of islands.

Two spies among the peasants who helped defend them from the Jomsvikings without resorting to violence take Thorfinn and Hild to see Captain Vagn, the commander of a dissident camp of Jomsvikings who want to seize control from Floki before it passes to Floki’s grandson Baldr.

Vagn tells Thorfinn that Floki had Thors killed and that he planned to have other notable Jomsvikings killed to assist Baldr’s rise to power. Thorkell launches a surprise assault on the camp, and a psychopathic warrior named Garm kills Vagn in a bloody showdown.

Those men who made it out of Vagn’s camp swore allegiance to Thorkell, who vowed vengeance on Floki for turning Garm into an assassin. Bug-Eyes stays behind to let Thorfinn know where Leif, Einar, Gudrid, and Karli are after being kidnapped by Garm and transferred to Jomsburg.

At Jomsburg, Thorkell and Floki’s soldiers engage in a series of skirmishes, including a duel between Thorfinn and Garm, the latter of whom is defeated without bloodshed despite being unarmed.

Floki and Baldr, previously revealed to be Thorfinn’s cousins, are captured by Thorkell’s troops. Baldr has no desire for leadership and regrets his grandfather’s horrible deeds.

Thorfinn is appointed interim leader of the Jomsvikings and, with the assistance of Thorkell, follows Canute’s orders to disband the group and spare Floki and Baldr from execution. Floki and Baldr are banished from their home.

Gudrid’s confession of her affection for Thorfinn convinces Thorkell to cancel the duel Thorfinn had promised him, and the group is given permission to go on to Greece.

After returning home without Gudrid, Sigurd realizes he never really cared for her romantically and releases her. He takes his first wife and their staff and leaves his father’s land to travel the world.

Thorfinn’s crew returns to Iceland two years later, rich from the sale of the narwhal horns. Thorfinn marries Gudrid, and the two have a son named Karli. Thorfinn, armed with Halfdan’s financial backing, sets off to settle Vinland with a crew.

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The cast of the Vinland Saga consists of real and fictional people from history and legend. Most of the main protagonists are Danes or Vikings that King Sweyn brought to England to aid in his invasion.

1. Thorfinn

Vinland Saga Ending Explained

Childhood Japanese voiced by Yto Uemura; Mike Haimoto; childhood American voiced by Shannon Emerick A.L.eks Le Sentai Filmworks dub, Laura Stahl Netflix dub, childhood Teenage warrior Thorfinn, who takes his name from the early Vinland explorer Thorfinn Karlsefni, serves under Askeladd despite his hatred for the man who killed his father, Thors, and his vow to kill him in a fight.

To qualify for these duels, he must do daring acts of sabotage or the assassination of enemy generals on behalf of Askeladd. Thorfinn’s mother, Helga, is noble in the Jomsviking kingdom, and he inherited his father’s extraordinary athletic abilities.

He does not engage in conflict because he enjoys it, but he still has trouble keeping his cool in dangerous situations. His stubbornness often costs him victories, especially when facing more seasoned foes.

2. Askeladd

Various actors have provided their voices for the series, including Naoya Uchida  Japanese, David Wald Sentai Filmworks dub, and Kirk Thornton Netflix dub Askeladd is the leader of a rather modest but formidable Viking force, one that has benefited much from the leader’s superior wit and cunning.

Because his mother was a Welsh princess kidnapped by Vikings, he has Danish and Welsh ancestry. To protect Wales from the Danes, he assassinates Monarch Sweyn in the name of the legend of Avalon and installs Prince Canute as the next Danish king.

Askeladd agreed to kill Thors, Thorfinn’s father, for money ten years before the major events of the Vinland Saga.

He used Thorfinn’s passion for vengeance against him during the Viking invasion and conflict in England to keep the talented young warrior under his command.

Some consider Askeladd to be the best fighter in the series because of how well he can anticipate his opponent’s moves. He was born to a slave lady that the Viking Olaf mistreated and is the son of Olaf.

In spite of being born Lucius Artorius Castus, the rightful ruler of Britain, he was known as Askeladd covered in ash by his blacksmith employer when he was a little boy.

Askeladd is named after the intelligent Norwegian folk hero Askeladden. His origin story is based on that of Olaf the Peacock, a prominent character in the Icelandic saga Laxdaela.

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3. Bjorn

Vinland Saga Ending Explained

Ray Chase, Andrew Love, and Hiroki Yasumoto provided the voices Netflix dub Askeladd’s second-in-command, Bjorn is a hulking guy who battles for the sheer joy of it. To enter his berserker rages, he eats a special kind of mushroom that makes him a berserker.

When Bjorn was protecting Prince Canute in Gainsborough, he was attacked and severely injured.

Because of the severity of his wounds, he knew he did not have long to live, but he still dared challenge Askeladd to a duel.

Askeladd finished off Bjorn during their combat after Bjorn admitted he had always wanted to be his friend. Bjorn, a name often given to Vikings, means “bear” in Danish, Norwegian, and Swedish.


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