Deep Water Ending Explained: Are Vic and Melinda Really in Love?

Deep Water Ending Explained

In 2022, director Adrian Lyne will bring Patricia Highsmith’s 1957 novel of the same name to the big screen in the sexual psychological thriller Deep Water, which was adapted for the screen by Zach Helm and Sam Levinson.

Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas star, and Tracy Letts, Lil Rel Howery, Dash Mihok, Finn Wittrock, Kristen Connolly, and Jacob Elordi round out the cast. Lyne hasn’t made a movie since 1998’s Unfaithful, thus this is his directorial debut.

Plot Summary

Deep Water Ending Explained

Family of three: Melinda, Vic, and Trixie Van Allen call Little Wesley, Louisiana home. Vic has retired early after designing guidance chips for war drones, and his relationship with Melinda is held together by a tenuous arrangement.

they sleep in separate bedrooms, Melinda takes lovers openly even in the family house, and Vic finds solace in raising his vast collection of snails.

Concerned friends know about their open marriage, so Vic gets envious as Melinda complains about his lack of desire. Melinda’s latest paramour, Joel, is invited to a neighborhood party by Melinda.

Vic, who is alone with Joel, confesses that he killed Melinda’s missing ex-lover Martin. Their mutual acquaintances disseminate the news, and noir author Don Wilson begins to suspect foul play.

At supper with the Van Allens, Joel learns that Vic killed Martin with a hammer, which frightened him enough to leave town. Martin’s body was discovered with gunshot wounds, and the TV news reported that police had captured a suspect.

After Melinda gives Charlie, her new lover and piano teacher, some cash, Vic confront her. To play with Charlie’s jealousy, she invites him to a friend’s pool party and introduces him to Vic.

The rain drives everyone indoors, so Vic and Charlie are left to enjoy the pool to themselves. Melinda immediately blames Vic for Charlie’s death as she finds his body floating face down in the pool and the police investigate the party.

When he asks whether she is afraid of him afterward, she replies, “I’m the one you killed for,” making it clear that she has no such fears. Kelly, Don’s wife, informs Vic that Don and Melinda had blamed him for Charlie’s death.

Deep Water Ending Explained

Vic finds out they hired a private investigator to follow him and confronts Don in front of Don’s family. Melinda and her old flame Tony get back together, and Vic overhears them discussing relocating to Brazil with their dog Trixie.

Vic’s jealousy is fueled when she has Tony over for supper and then brings him to bed. Vic coaxes Tony into his car and takes him to a private overlooking a mountainous valley where he and Melinda frequent.

Tony is killed when he is hit by a slew of stones and rolled down the hill, and his body is dumped in the creek below. Melinda plans a picnic at the same area where she and Vic took their kid last time.

As a token of his affection, Vic presents her with a series of photos he secretly took of her, but he later discovers that Tony’s body has been brought back up from the creek. After getting home, he volunteers to return to the area the next day to try to find Melinda’s scarf.

While informing Don, she extends an invitation to Vic to spend the night in her bed. Vic rides his bike to the creek the following day to dispose of Tony’s body, but he is spotted doing so by Don.

He speeds off, but Vic gives chase and crashes into the path of his car; Don, distracted by his phone, swerves to escape Vic but crashes into a cliff and dies. When Melinda returns home, she discovers Tony’s wallet in one of Vic’s snail vivariums.

She prepares to go but is convinced to stay when Trixie throws her suitcase into the swimming pool. After returning home, Vic is informed by Melinda that she had destroyed Tony’s wallet despite having seen his body.

In the end, Trixie belts out a few notes to the tune of “You Make Me Feel Like Dancing.”

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Ending Explained 

Deep Water Ending Explained

Don interrupts Vic as the latter pokes the body with a stick in an apparent attempt to dislodge it so that it can float further downstream in the river.

Don may have learned that Vic was present thanks to the P.I., or he may have simply been in the neighborhood at the time. Either way, Don becomes suspicious and goes to investigate more, where he finds the body floating in the river.

Don concludes that Vic must have killed someone and drives off in an attempt to avoid further investigation. Vic instantly starts following Don on his bike, and he takes a quick cut to avoid being around him.

Don is astonished when Vic pulls out in front of him just as he is trying to email his wife that he was right. The man careens his automobile down a cliff and into the river below. It’s safe to assume that he’s no longer alive.

Melinda, meanwhile, has located Tony’s wallet within one of the snail pots back at the house. In retrospect, she understands that Vic’s murder of Tony is the reason she hasn’t heard from him.

Melinda packs a bag as if she were leaving Vic, but her daughter throws it into the water and tells her that they won’t be going anywhere.


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