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iOS 15.6.1 Is an Important Update, but Don’t Let the Media Scare You

iOS 15.6.1 Is an Important Update, but Don’t Let the Media Scare You

While the recent Apple security update does include some necessary updates, they do not justify the exaggerated coverage they have received in the media.

Recently “disclosed” security flaws in several Apple products have dominated news cycles dedicated to technology. There has been a lot of exaggeration about how these vulnerabilities would allow hackers to “take control” of your device.

However, don’t let the headlines fool you; this update isn’t significantly different from the rest. There have been larger security holes fixed in the past year that has received absolutely no coverage elsewhere.

This may appear significant if you’ve only recently begun following Apple’s activities in relation to the iPhone. It’s simply another Friday for those of us who do it professionally or who have a passing familiarity with Apple products.

What the Latest Update Fixes

Updates to various Apple products, including iOS 15.6.1, were released on September 13th. It’s just a standard update that fixes a few issues, and the public and media probably wouldn’t notice if it weren’t for the fact that the case sounds terrifying.

Apple has stated that an attacker may have utilized these vulnerabilities to compromise a device, thus they have released an update to fix them.

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The patch corrects a WebKit flaw that might allow malicious users to run arbitrary code with system privileges. Essentially, this means that a hacker may possibly execute harmful code on a compromised device.

Still, there’s Apple’s Sandbox to play about in. It’s not as if the vulnerability and any payload that might be provided could instantly upload everything on your PC. And getting that cargo where it has to go is no easy feat.

Another, similarly difficult-to-use exploit has been patched in the kernel, one that may allow attackers to execute arbitrary code with kernel privileges. And here again, Apple’s multilayered security architecture prevents the vulnerability from being fully effective in stealing data.

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There is a small risk that a keylogger could be used to steal credentials. But not with iCloud Keychain, because you’re not actually inputting anything. Most users of the Tik Tok app don’t appear to be bothered by the presence of this feature.

Not everything that has been patched is trivial. It’s important enough to merit an immediate update.

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