Meta Will Soon Enable Non-Facebook Quest Logins: Here’s What You Need to Know

Meta Will Soon Enable Non-Facebook Quest Logins

In the past few years, if you’ve purchased a Meta (previously known as Oculus) Quest or Quest 2 virtual reality headset, you’ve probably had to link it to your Facebook account during the setup process.

While this makes logical considering that Facebook’s parent company, Meta, is behind the device in question, there are a few drawbacks to linking your Facebook account with Quest. If for whatever reason, Facebook decides to ban your account, you may no longer be able to play the Oculus games you’ve already paid for.

Thanks to Meta’s recent rollout of a new form of account that can be used to log in to your Oculus, you may now untether your Quest from your Facebook profile. You can easily swap a Quest that has been set up with a Facebook account to use a Meta account by following the instructions below.

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How to Create a Meta Account

  • A Meta account is required to use Meta in conjunction with your Quest. On a PC or mobile device, go to to get started. In order to proceed, you will need to check in to Facebook.
  • Currently, your Facebook account is linked to all of your games and applications, so you’ll need to move that information over to your new Meta account.
  • In the next step of the procedure, you’ll be prompted to choose between utilizing your Facebook account or an email address to create your Meta account. By connecting your Meta and Facebook accounts during setup, you will be able to use your Facebook credentials to access your Meta account and use some of its social features.
  • If you choose to go without using Facebook, you will be required to sign in with an email address and password.
  • Neither choice is irreversible. Even if you decide to create your Meta account with Facebook, you are free to disconnect the two accounts at any time.
  • If you choose to go without using Facebook, you may be prompted to enter an email address. Meta will most likely send you an email including a verification code if one is available.
  • Once you’ve created your Horizon account with your email and password, you’ll need to select a privacy setting that will determine who can view your activity and Active Status and who may follow you.

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What Happens When You Create a Meta Account?

Meta to Allow Quest Users to Login Without a Facebook Account - What to Know

Nothing should be lost if you decide to switch to a Meta account (instead of continuing to check in with Facebook or Instagram). Everything from your purchases to your friends’ list and gaming progress will be copied over to your new account without any more action on your part.

If you delete your Facebook or Instagram account, you will no longer be able to utilize Facebook Messenger or Instagram to find old friends.

When you sign up for Meta, you’ll be prompted to build a Meta Horizon profile and select a username to use in Meta’s own metaverse.

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Do You Need a Meta Account?

In order to keep using your Oculus-linked Quest or Rift VR headset after January 1, 2023, you will need to create a Meta account.


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