The Guilty Movie Ending Explained: Was Joe Guilty?

The Guilty Movie Ending Explained

Inspired by the 2018 film of the same name, directed by Gustav Moller, The Guilty is a crime drama.

Nic Pizzolatto penned the script and Antoine Fuqua directed the 2021 remake. While the film’s basic structure may be recycled from its 2018 source, Jake Gyllenhaal’s dazzling performance is worth watching for the sheer awe it inspires.

The film’s protagonist carries a heavy guilt load, and as a result, everything he comes into contact with crumbles to pieces whenever he handles it.

He attempts to put the pieces back together, but it’s like trying to get opposite poles of a magnet to attract.

Plot Summary

The Guilty Movie Ending Explained

Joe, a police officer on duty, responds to calls made to 911. We observe him lose his cool and his patience with the callers despite his willingness to answer the phone. Until a certain Emily calls, he tends to dismiss the callers’ worries as trivial.

Emily obscures details about her whereabouts and the peril she is in. The information has been released in a vague fashion. Joe is frequently left with voids where information is needed. Emily calls 911 while pretending to have a conversation with her kid.

Joe recognizes the precariousness of Emily’s situation and begins to ask her only yes or no questions. His speculations are grounded in the shards of information gleaned during his conversation with Emily.

Joe has deduced that an ex-husband/partner has abducted a woman named Emily, leaving her two children at home alone and in danger. Any information he obtains, he shares immediately with the cops on patrol.

He then talks to Emily’s six-year-old daughter, Abby, on the phone. She says her mother has abandoned them and she is afraid since her little brother Oliver is sleeping in the room.

Somehow, Joe ends up caring about this case more than his profession allows him to. The mystery surrounding this curious cop will be revealed as the plot progresses.

The source of his unreasonable rage and overwhelming frustration is revealed to be much more fundamental. When the exterior dries up and opens up, we can see the hidden shame beneath.

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Ending Explained

The Guilty Movie Ending Explained

When Joe begins to grasp the gravity of the situation, the bombshell is dropped. Rick tells him that Emily’s younger brother Oliver was covered in blood.

Although Abby assured Joe that Oliver was sound asleep, Oliver actually lay unconscious on the bed. Joe had misread the situation and resorted to acting rashly, as he often did.

Emily’s mental instability led her to harm her son, and Henry was only removing her from the home to protect the children. Up until now, Joe had pinned the responsibility for everything that had happened to Henry.

Emily makes it to the top of the bridge, and Joe stops her from jumping off by revealing that he, too, has killed someone. Due to his bewilderment, he fatally shot a young man he mistook for an accused criminal.

As of now, Joe has decided to accept. Eventually, he decides to quit trying to escape his history. Without further ado, Joe gives up his defense. His guard is down for a moment. Towards the road to redemption, he advances.

The following day, he grants an interview to a magazine in which he admits responsibility for all of the charges against him.

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‘The Guilty’ – Is It Worth Your Time?

The Guilty Movie Ending Explained

Nic Pizzolatto and Antoine Fuqua have made some clever choices that preserve the integrity of the original 2018 film while still giving the 2021 version its own distinct flavor.

Jake Gyllenhaal’s visage gets a lot of camera time. It takes us on a journey through the complex range of feelings he is experiencing at the moment.

The actor in Nightcrawler reaffirms his status as one of the most reliable performers, capable of carrying the entire picture on his shoulders. This fast-paced drama never slows down, making it well worth your time.


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