HBO Max Account: How To Create an Account?

hbomax account

The American streaming video service HBO Max is available only to subscribers. DC Entertainment, Warner Bros., Cartoon Network, Turner Classic Movies, Crunchyroll, and more are just some of the intriguing and varied content providers available on this platform.

HBO’s ability to tailor your viewing experience is especially welcome now that there is so much digital content to choose from.

You may control who has access to your HBO Max account by setting up individual profiles for each viewer.

HBO Max is a fantastic streaming service, but it’s not right for everyone. You’re limited to no more than five profiles at once, and membership can get pricey. Create an HBO Max Account and Password

In order for additional members of the household to access HBO Max, the primary Xfinity user will need to sign up for an HBO Max account using the HBO Max website or app using their Xfinity primary ID. HBO Max accounts can only be accessed by primary Xfinity subscribers.

The Requirements for Creating an HBO Max Account and Password

There Are a Few Prerequisites in Order to Sign up With HBO Max:

  • Get Xfinity and HBO for one low price.
  • The principal Xfinity user will require their Xfinity ID and password.
  • You can watch HBO Max on your PC, laptop, or mobile device with the HBO Max app.

If you have Xfinity Flex or X1, you can watch HBO Max with the following requirements:

  • Xfinity TV service and either an X1 TV Box (the RNG150 and Pace XG1v1 aren’t supported) or a suitable streaming TV box with Xfinity Flex.
  • Internet Access from Xfinity (any level)
  • Get an HBO Max login and password set up (HBO Max Mobile App or Website)

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If you’re the Xfinity primary user:

  • Access HBO Max via its app or website. In the top right corner of any web page, select SIGN IN. To sign in on a mobile device, tap the user icon.
  • If you want Xfinity, that’s the one to get.
  • Assuming you are at home, you will be instantly logged in.

If this is your first time logging onto HBO Max, you will be prompted to create an account. Please provide your First Name, Last Name, and Email Address and click the box below to agree to the Terms of Service and Privacy Statement. To start, select the CREATE ACCOUNT button.

Find the person in your family who will be tuning in, and then edit their profile. Other members of your family can have their own profiles, too.

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To Add a Password to Your HBO Max Account Online:

  • Find the user’s name in the upper right corner and click on it.
  • Select Account in the menu on the right.
  • To add a password to your HBO Max account on a mobile device, click on the person icon, followed by the settings button, and then ACCOUNT.
  • Click EDIT.
  • Just change the password and hit the OK button.
  • Successfully signed up for HBO Max and selected a password. You can now share this information with all members of your immediate family so they can enjoy HBO Max. You can also use it to login into HBO Max on additional devices.

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How to Delete the HBO Max Account

Either the HBO Max website or the Android or iOS app, or the app included with your smart TV or streaming box, will allow you to cancel your HBO Max subscription. All of these services have identical instructions for canceling your account.

Canceling your recurring monthly payment plan is the only way to permanently erase your account.

Do It by Following These Instructions:

  • Open your preferred device’s version of the HBO Max website or app;
  • To use, tap or click the person symbol.
  • To modify your subscription, go to the Settings menu and click Billing Information.
  • You can terminate your subscription by tapping or clicking the corresponding button.
  • Select “cancel subscription,” then jot down the date it will be effective.
  • After finishing these procedures, your HBO Max account will be permanently terminated and you will no longer have access to it.


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