How to Customize Free PDF Stamps: Know More!

How To Customize Free PDF Stamps

One of the best methods to enrich a PDF file with additional information is to use stamps. Moreover, you should be able to accomplish this without changing the PDF’s original content.

More than any other PDF editing function, stamps have become increasingly popular in recent years. What is the best PDF stamp maker? Using Wondershare PDFelement – PDF Editor, the best PDF stamp creator, is the way to go.

Stamps are a form of a document marking that serves to direct the reader’s attention to a specific area. Create your own PDF stamp with custom text or an image of your choice with a PDF stamp builder. Let’s check the manual.

How to Create Stamp in PDF Using Wondershare PDFelement

You’ll need a reliable PDF editor, as we indicated previously if you want to learn how to make a PDF stamp. Most editors are either difficult to use or too costly. Our top choice is completely different.

The PDFelement is our top choice. The design, features, and performance of this program are all stunning. There is no better option if you need trouble-free PDF editing.

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Step 1: Open PDF

Start up PDFelement and load the document that needs stamps. Click “File” > “Open” and navigate to the document you wish to stamp. You can also check the Recent folder in case you’ve used the file in question recently.

Step 2: Create Stamp

Find the Custom Stamps link in the comments area. Towards the right end of the toolbar, you’ll find it. To make your own personalized stamp, go to the “Create” tab.

Step 3: Create Custom Stamp

There’ll Be a New Window Appear. Next, Find the Photo You Wish to Use as Your Stamp and Click the “Select Picture” Button. when You Choose a Picture in Pd Felement, a Preview Will Appear. the Stamp’s Moniker Can Also Be Modified. when You’ve Settled on A Picture, Just Tap the “ok” Button.

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Step 4: Add Stamp

To Add a Stamp, Select It from The Drop-Down Menu and Then Click the Add Stamp Button. Your Personal Stamp Can Be Found in The Personal Stamps Section. or You Might Make Use of One of Pd Felement’s Pre-Made Stamp Templates. Choose a Seal and Place It on The Paper.

Choose “properties” from The Menu that Appears when You Right-Click Your Stamp. the Stamp’s Color and Transparency Are Both Adjustable. Choose “open Pop-Up Note” from The Context Menu and Type Your Stamp’s Notes There. to Crop a Stamp, Simply Position the Cursor at The Desired Cropping Angle and Drag It Inwards.

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Step 5: Manage Stamps

Select Manage Stamps by Clicking the Custom Stamps Button a Second Time. You Can Modify or Delete Any Stamp You Have Made.

Pd Felement, Like Microsoft Office, Is a Tool that Prioritizes Efficiency in Its Workflow. It’s All Really Easy and Straightforward. that Covers Everything from Modifying Text to Adding Markup Tools and Stamps to Converting Files and Password Safeguarding Documents. Let’s Check out Some of Pd Felement’s Key Functions.

  • Generate Pdf Documents from Any Source, Even Scanned Paper.
  • Merge Several Documents Into One Tidy Pdf.
  • Pdf to Word/excel/power Point/RTF/HTML/epub/other File Formats Can Be Converted.
  • Minimize PDF Size by Optimizing Its Settings.
  • Make Every Scanned Document Fully Searchable and Editable by Using Optical Character Recognition Software.
  • Line or Paragraph Mode Editing Is Available for Text.
  • Put a Photo in A Document and Modify It.
  • Include a Variety of Shapes in The File.
  • Create Pdf Text Boxes and Sticky Notes.
  • Make Your Own Stamps and Apply Them to The Document.
  • Separate Numerous Pd Fs from One Large Pdf.
  • Take out A Section of Pages.
  • Detect Form Fields and Generate Interactive Ones Automatically.
  • Gather Information from The Various Fields and Send It to The CSV File.
  • Create a Legally Binding Electronic Signature and Attach It to The File.
  • Remove Private Details from A Pdf.
  • Send a Pdf File to Someone by Email, Dropbox, or Google Drive.
  • Use a 256-Bit Password to Secure Your Document.


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