Is Colton Haynes Gay? Know More About This American Actor and Model!

is colton haynes gay

The American model and actor Colton Haynes are worth a reported $4 million. A native Kansan, Colton Haynes spent his formative years in Wichita, Arkansas, New Mexico, Texas, and Florida. In his early teens, he began a career as a model, and it was an ad campaign for Abercrombie & Fitch that brought him widespread recognition.

He then went on to appear in ad campaigns for companies including Ralph Lauren, Kira Plastinina, and J.C. Penney. He was also featured in editorials for Arena and Teen Vogue.

In 2007, he made the transition to acting in front of the camera with an uncredited cameo in “Transformers.” After that, he focused on television, making appearances on series including “CSI: Miami,” “Privileged,” “Pushing Daisies,” and “Melrose Place,” among others.

The Gates” and “Look: The Series” both featured him in recurring roles. When “Teen Wolf” originally started, he was a co-star on both of its first two seasons. He is best known for his role as Roy Harper in “Arrow,” where he has become a fan favorite.

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Gay Controversy

Colton Haynes has decided to share a piece of his life with his fans.

The former Arrow star finally spoke out about his sexuality in this week’s issue of Entertainment Weekly, confirming that he is gay.

In January, he reblogged a fan’s Tumblr article about his “hidden gay background,” prompting speculation from online readers. Let’s stop worrying about the past and start living in the present:).

“It came as a total surprise. Haynes, 27, said, “I wasn’t ready to be back in the news,” adding that he hadn’t given the response any thought at the time. Maybe I should have said something, but I wasn’t prepared to do so. Having no sense of obligation to anyone was a relief.

“I think in due time, everybody needs to make those decisions when they’re ready, and I wasn’t yet,” he continued.

Although the actor acknowledged he was “letting people down by not coming forward with the remainder of what I should have said,” he was not in the appropriate headspace to handle it: Following his admission to a rehabilitation facility for anxiety, he spent the following three months in and out of the hospital. He also stopped acting in Arrow and Teen Wolf.

He revealed, “I’ve had terminal anxiety my entire life,” and explained that he had sought to be relieved of his duties since his mental and physical well-being was more important to him than his work at the time.

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In Haynes’ words, he was “physically unwell, fainting.”

‘I have an ulcer, and I’m 27 years old,’ he announced. I withdrew temporarily.

“Everyone wants you to maintain that GQ persona, but they have no idea how exhausting it is to act nonstop. Even when I got home, I wouldn’t stop acting,” he admitted. People who are quick to pass judgment on the LGBT community and other marginalized groups “don’t comprehend that performing 24 hours a day is the most tiresome thing in the world.”

Haynes, who has been out for most of his life to his closest friends and family, co-stars, and select Hollywood executives like Arrow creator Greg Berlanti, is prepared to come out to the world and begin the next phase of his life.

It’s taken me a long time to get here, but I feel great. A happy and healthier you is all that matters to me, and I am in both of those places right now.

Despite his busy schedule (he’s working on a potential book and his first men’s and women’s clothing line), he says, “I would want to do more. They are aware of my affection for them. If given the chance, I would return immediately.

On Thursday, Haynes posted a link to the piece on Twitter and discussed his decision to be vulnerable.

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Colton Haynes, while still a teenager, uprooted to New York City in pursuit of a modeling career. He first came to prominence after modeling for the American clothing company Abercrombie & Fitch.

Bruce Weber, a well-known fashion photographer, took the pictures. Since then, Haynes has appeared in commercials for Ralph Lauren, J.C. Penney, and Verizon. Numerous magazines, including Teen Vogue, XY, and Arena, have profiled him.

is colton haynes gay

Haynes first appeared on TV in an episode of CSI: Miami in 2007. He then made cameos on Privileged (2008), Pushing Daisies (2008), and Melrose Place (2008). (2009). Haynes portrayed “Brett Crezski,” a werewolf, on the ABC show The Gates (2010). High schooler “Shane” in Look: The Series (2010).

Haynes’s breakthrough role was as “Jackson Whittemore” on Teen Wolf, a supernatural drama on MTV (2011-12). Tyler Posey, Crystal Reed, and Dylan O’Brien also star in the show. After that, he was the main character on Arrow, a CW action crime show, as “Roy Harper,” alias “Arsenal” (2013-16).

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Haynes made his film debut in Transformers, a science fiction blockbuster, in which he did not receive any screen credit (2007). San Andreas (2015), starring Dwayne Johnson, and Rough Night (2017), starring Scarlett Johansson, are two of his cinematic roles.


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