Netflix Announced a New Mobile Game: Netflix Heads Up!

Netflix Announced a New Mobile Game: Netflix Heads Up!

Netflix Heads Up! is a brand new mobile game from the popular streaming service. With a Netflix account, you can play the game at no cost.

The game is Netflix’s version of the popular party game Heads Up! In November of 2016, the streaming behemoth Netflix released Netflix Games. Netflix has released a dedicated app with 24 games for its users.

Games like Mahjong Solitaire and Exploding Kittens stand alongside more niche offerings like a Stranger Things video game.

The service had hoped that providing users with Netflix-themed games would be a huge hit, but unofficial statistics showed that Netflix Games was failing to meet expectations.

If those numbers are accurate, about 1.7 million people use the Netflix Games app every day. That translates to less than 1 percent of Netflix’s total customers.

There are approximately 221 million users of the site in the world. Netflix is still working on creating new games and increasing its library of games.

Check out A Preview of Netflix Heads Up!

Netflix Announced a New Mobile Game: Netflix Heads Up!Family and friends may play together in any size group and effortlessly broadcast their gameplay to their online communities by using this software.

Players on Android and iOS devices will be able to enjoy the game in as many as 15 different languages, including French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese Brazil, and Thai.

The original Heads Up! has gathered more than 70 million downloads and counts 40 million users worldwide. Furthermore, for the past five years running, it has been Apple’s most popular paid app overall.

Check out Some of The Decks Featured in Netflix Heads Up!

Netflix Announced a New Mobile Game: Netflix Heads Up! 1. “Bridgerton:” Dearest Gentle Reader, you are invited to play the

2. Bridgerton deck where you will engage in a ball of fun as you guess clues based on the hit show.

3. Geeked: Do you love sci-fi, horror, fantasy, comic books, and video games? Congratulations, you’re a Geek just like us and we love you for it! Please enjoy this super Geeked deck!

4. NetflixIsAJoke: Comedy is the best medicine. Cure your boredom with this deck that includes comic greats and comedy terminology.

5. “Squid Game:” Pull out your tracksuit because the Squid Game Deck is sure to make you sweat. Guess Squid Game-related actions, characters, and themes without saying the word or rhyming.

6. Strong Black Lead: Strong Black Lead amplifies Black voices, stories, and creators. Show off your knowledge of Black actors, entertainers, series, and films!

7. “Stranger Things:” Join The Party and enjoy this deck full of characters, words, phrases, and more from the Stranger Things series.

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Netflix has been strategically growing into mobile games in recent years. Netflix already offers games based on some of its most popular IP, including “Stranger Things” and “The Queen’s Gambit,” and the company announced in the spring that it was developing a mobile game and an animated series based on the popular card game “Exploding Kittens.”

In April, officials from the streaming behemoth indicated they expect mobile gaming to be more beneficial to the service than investing in live sports licenses.

Although Netflix has plans to increase the number of games it offers from 24 to 50, a recent survey found that less than one percent of the company’s global subscriber base actually plays Netflix’s games.


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