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Twitter Introduces Podcasts, and the New Spaces Tab Offers a Customized Listening Experience

Twitter Introduces Podcasts, and the New Spaces Tab Offers a Customized Listening Experience

Twitter is a great way to hear new perspectives from all across the world. Podcasts are bringing that closeness to a whole new level.

On Thursday, August 25th, as part of the revamped Spaces Tab, we will begin supporting podcasts on Twitter. We recognize that there are conversations that require more than 280 characters to fully capture their essence, and it is Twitter’s mission to bring people together over the ideas, material, and artists they love.

When will it all go down, and how can you listen to Twitter’s new podcasts for yourself? Read on for further details regarding this fascinating development.

Podcasts as Part of Twitter Groups

Adding podcasts to Twitter’s audio-only conversation area, Spaces is another way we’re supporting the audio-making community. We began by revamping the audio experience in the Spaces Tab to make it easier for users to just press play and start listening.

The new layout includes customizable hubs that collect related audio content under headings like “News,” “Music,” “Sports,” and so on. With this new feature, Twitter users can quickly find and listen to a curated list of live and archived Spaces on the topics that interest them the most.

However, that’s not all that’s up for grabs here. Popular and interesting podcasts from all over the world will be showcased on these news aggregators.

45% of Twitter users in the US also listen to podcasts monthly, according to our own research; therefore, we will automatically recommend engaging podcasts to help people easily find and listen to the topics they want to learn more about. If someone frequently engages with Vox material on Twitter, for instance, they may come across a Vox podcast in a Spaces hub.

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Vox Media’s general manager of audio Ray Chao is ecstatic that Twitter is expanding its audio capabilities so that more people can find Vox Media’s popular podcasts across a wide variety of genres.

Twitter “is bringing users and podcast fans an intriguing new frontier,” the company’s spokesperson said. “Whether it’s Kara Swisher and Scott Galloway’s ‘Pivot,’ our daily news explainer ‘Today, Explained,’ or ‘Stay Tuned with Preet Bharara,’ we couldn’t be more thrilled.”

Do you want to create something more personalized? Simply indicate the podcast’s interest level with a “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” to help us learn what kinds of things you find most engaging.

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Putting Podcasting and Other Features of Twitter Spaces to The Test.

We’re always innovating Twitter to make it the hub of the world’s most interesting discussions, from Spaces and podcasts to newsletters and Notes.

As of right now, an international English-speaking audience on iOS and Android may see the revamped Spaces Tab, complete with podcasts. Help us improve by providing us with feedback, and keep an eye (and an ear) out for upcoming announcements and feature releases that are geared toward giving you more control over how you use Twitter.

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