Corsair Unveils a Flexible Ultrawide OLED Gaming Monitor

Corsair Unveils a Flexible Ultrawide OLED Gaming Monitor

Curved gaming monitors are nothing new, but Corsair has unveiled a new curved gaming ultrawide monitor with a peculiar feature. This new monitor, known as the Xeneon Flex 45WQHD240 OLED, is a 45-inch, 3440 x 1440, 240Hz ultrawide display with an LG OLED panel. The peculiarity, however, is its ability to bend into a curved state.

OLED is the first and only existing panel technology that permits screen bending. This has previously been demonstrated by Samsung’s Z flip gadget line, which features OLED panels with foldable displays. Now, as a result of Corsair’s cooperation with LG Displays, this capability is beginning to make its way into ultrawide gaming displays as well.

The curve of the Xeneon Flex can be adjusted by the user to a maximum of 800R. For productivity tasks such as a picture or video editing, you may even lay the monitor completely flat. There are adjustment controls on both sides of the monitor.

Xeneon’s OLED is an LG W-OLED panel with extremely amazing characteristics. Grey-to-Grey response times can be measured in the microsecond range with a 0.03 millisecond reaction time and a 0.01-millisecond pixel on and off time at a refresh rate of 240Hz. The display is also compatible with Nvidia G-Sync and AMD FreeSync Premium.

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The panel’s peak brightness of 1000 nits makes it ideal for viewing HDR material in video games and films. Combine this with the inky blacks of the OLED’s self-illuminating pixels, and you should have one of the brightest-looking gaming panels.

All back I/O has been relocated to the base as a result of the curvature and includes DisplayPort and HDMI outputs. Additionally, the front I/O includes USB 3 ports and an audio jack.

It will be quite fascinating to see how the gaming market responds to the Xeneon Flex monitor from Corsair. It’s a feature that gamers haven’t really requested, but when OLED gets more prevalent, it might be a really handy addition. Check out Paul’s Hardware and Bitwit’s coverage of the new display for additional information.

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Corsair has said that it will reveal the monitor’s final specifications, debut dates, and availability later this year. As of now, we only know the monitor will be released in early 2023 (according to Paul’s Hardware).


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