How to Turn Off Voice on Roku: Know More!

how to turn off voice on roku

There are two possible causes for why your Roku device speaks to you. If the interface is being read aloud as you use the remote to navigate and make selections, the Screen Reader — formerly known as Audio Guide — is activated.

Nevertheless, if you’re watching a TV show or movie and you hear audio explaining the situation, it’s conceivable that a different type of accessibility feature, commonly known as Descriptive Audio, has been activated.

Fortunately, both are simple to activate and deactivate. Here is the procedure.

How to Disable Speech with The Roku Remote

Screen Reader is useful for visually impaired Roku users who require additional assistance navigating the menus. However, if it has been accidentally activated, the quickest method to turn it off is via a shortcut on the Roku remote.

To toggle the Screen Reader on and off, rapidly press the asterisk button four times in succession on the Roku remote.

How to turn off speech on Roku using the Settings menu

You can find the Screen Reader controls under the Accessibility menu if you like.

1. Press the Roku remote’s Home button.

2. Select Settings in the left-hand sidebar.

3. Choose Accessibility.

4. Choose Screen Reader

5. Choose Off

Why Does My Roku Narrate Films?

Even if you disable the Screen Reader, your Roku may speak to you unexpectedly.

It is permanently disabled by default, however many streaming services, including Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, and others, support an accessibility option known as descriptive audio, which narrates descriptive information about scenes in addition to the dialogue, sound effects, and soundtrack.

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How to Disable Roku’s Audio Description

A Roku soundbar and speakers

A narrator explaining the action enables visually challenged individuals to follow along with movies and television programs when Descriptive Audio is available. It can also be handy for folks with perfect vision, converting videos into audiobooks that can be listened to while working.

Typically, the capability is disabled by default, as it is tied to audio track selection on a per-app basis. Due to this, there is no single way to disable it, and it may sometimes be referred to as Audio Description.

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Generally, you may toggle Descriptive Audio on or off by accessing an app’s Accessibility options or by switching audio tracks during playback.

In the case of Netflix, you must use the up button and pick language options while watching a video (the dialog bubble icon). Select an audio track without a description, and you’re all set.


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