Open to Work Linkedin: How To Enable It?

open to work linkedin

Open to Work is a recent addition to LinkedIn that allows users to broadcast their job search to their entire network.

The Alternatives Are as Follows:

Telling everyone on LinkedIn, even your current employer, that you’re looking for work is a good idea. It wraps your current profile image in the OpenToWork border. This choice is seen as a less active approach to hunting for work by certain recruiters.

Users of LinkedIn’s Recruiter tool are the only ones who will receive the alert. Selecting “Recruiters only” will keep the alert from being seen by anyone currently employed by your organization, which is useful if you’re looking to leave your current position for another one.

LinkedIn says it can’t ensure full anonymity throughout your job hunt, but it does help keep your search quiet (as many employers don’t want you actively looking for work while you’re employed).

How to Enable OpentoWork

  • Recruiters will be impressed by even the slightest indication that you are interested in new chances.
  • Click the profile picture of yourself in the upper right corner of the LinkedIn homepage.
    Go to Profile and click on it.
  • Choose the menu item Open > Job Search.
  • Choose the occupation that best suits your interests and skills. Job titles, workplaces, job locations, and even your start date are all options. Full-time, contract, part-time, internship, and/or temporary work arrangements are all options.
  • Besides Select the down arrow to limit who can see you’re online. You can choose to see only recruiters or all LinkedIn members.
  • Go to Profile > Add.

To get in touch with you, most recruiters will use LinkedIn’s InMail system. You should definitely reply, even if it’s only to say you’re not interested. LinkedIn will follow up to make sure you’re still interested if you don’t react to these messages. LinkedIn will delete Open To Work if you ignore this notification.

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Risks of Using OpentoWork

People looking for work should use caution when making use of this function. Although it can help you get a new job, it may also cause you to lose your current one. As a contract worker or freelancer, you can practically take a chance on the Open To Work because you won’t be expected to stick with one client forever.

open to work linkedin

Starting a fresh job hunt is never without its share of challenges, especially if you are already employed full-time in the traditional market. It is possible for employers to cite an employee’s job search as grounds for dismissal. You should exercise the same caution on LinkedIn that you would on other social media platforms before making negative comments about your employer.

Although the Recruiters-only setting does protect applicants’ identities, there have been reports of recruiters requesting their contacts at other companies to snoop on their employer to see who is actively seeking employment.

You should be informed of the potential consequences of job hunting, even while there is no assurance it will result in the loss of your current position.

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Technical Issues with The Feature

Open To Work has benefits, but there are also drawbacks and restrictions that you should be aware of.

First, if you set your LinkedIn profile so that only recruiters can view it, then only people who have paid for the LinkedIn Recruiter premium membership can view the fact that you are actively seeking employment.

Since LinkedIn Recruiter requires a paid subscription, it’s probable that many smaller companies and hiring firms are still not receiving your signal.

Furthermore, even though your present employer’s signal is “hidden,” there is a means for them to discover you are actively seeking new employment despite this provision. It is possible that your present employer’s subsidiaries will still pick up your signal if they are listed on LinkedIn as a distinct company.

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Likewise, external recruiters who work with your organization as clients may learn of your job search. Furthermore, if your manager has contacts at other businesses who also pay for access to the recruiter services, he or she can easily inquire as to whether or not any of their employees are actively seeking new employment.

The “Recruiters only” option is preferable if you don’t want your current employer to learn that you’re actively seeking new employment, but it’s not a foolproof method of keeping your search a secret.


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