How to Erase Your Kindle to Sell It: know more!

How to Erase Your Kindle to Sell It

When you wipe your Kindle, all of your data and preferences are removed and the device is reset to its original state.

This procedure is useful if you plan to sell or give away your device and would like not to have to transfer all of your data to the new owner. Wiping the Kindle’s storage can also fix sporadic software problems that may appear over time. If you own a Kindle Fire instead of a regular Kindle, the procedure of cleaning your device will be slightly different.

Standard Kindle

Step 1

To return to the first Home screen, press the “Home” button.

Step 2

Select “Settings” from the drop-down menu that appears after pressing the “Menu” button.

Step 3

You can return to the menu by pressing the “Menu” button once more.

Step 4

The option to “Reset to Factory Defaults” must be selected from the menu, and then OK must be pressed to confirm.

Kindle Fire

Step 1

Select “More” from the additional options by tapping the tiny gear.

Step 2

You can scroll down by dragging your finger up the screen, and then clicking on “Device.”

Step 3

Get to the bottom of the menu and hit “Reset to Factory Defaults.” To confirm, please tap the “Erase All” button.

Deregister It From Your Account

Your Amazon account syncs automatically with your Kindle. You can usually buy a book without providing a password or verifying your credit card information. When your Kindle is your sole device, this is ideal; however, if you plan on gifting it, you probably don’t want the recipient to have access to your financial information.

  • The Kindle’s settings can be accessed by selecting Menu > Settings.
  • To remove a registered device, go to the My Account page.
  • If a confirmation window appears, simply tap “Deregister” once again to permanently detach the Kindle from your Amazon account.
  • It’s in a state that’s ready to be assembled by another person.

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Reset the Kindle

Resetting your Kindle to factory settings isn’t required, however, it’s recommended before selling or giving away your device. The new proprietor will have a clean slate upon which to build.

  • Select Preferences from the menu.
  • To do so, go back to the Settings screen, hit the Menu button, and then tap the “Reset” option.
  • If you select “Yes” in the pop-up box, the Kindle will restart and reset, which may take a few minutes. When it’s done, your Kindle will look and function just like the day you bought it.

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Clean the Kindle

Let’s face it, human beings are incredibly dirty. There will be bacteria all over every personal device you’ve kept for more than a few weeks

A Kindle that has been in the family for years and is carried about the house is a breeding ground for bacteria. If you’re going to sell or donate your Kindle to someone else, at least clean it beforehand.

Since the Kindle’s entire front surface is a screen, you should wipe it down often with a screen cleaning wipe. Don’t use rubbing alcohol or other common cleaning chemicals on the gadget; they could cause malfunctions. Similar to wiping out a smartphone (which you should also be doing).


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