How to Reset a Voicemail Password on Android: Know Here!

How to Reset a Voicemail Password on Android

Although setting up voicemail and changing the password are both crucial tasks, they can feel like they go against common sense at first. The process of ensuring that others can leave you messages differs not only between platforms, but also between individual phones and, worst of all, between phone providers.

The process of configuring voicemail may vary significantly from one region of the world to another, even if you follow the steps outlined in the most widely read online tutorials. But there are a few hacks you may try on any Android phone, regardless of the manufacturer or service provider.

In many cases, a password is not even required to access your voicemail. If you get a lot of voicemails, it may be wise to safeguard them with a four- to seven-digit PIN number.

While most people choose their voicemail PIN when they first activate the function, you may always go back and modify it if necessary.

You’ve come to the right place if you have an Android phone and want to know how to modify your voicemail PIN. Keep reading and we’ll explain everything in detail.

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Call Your Own Number

To Begin, Just Dial Your Own Number Like You Would Any Other. if This Doesn’t Help (you Receive an Error or Are Unable to Make the Call), Try the Next Steps We Provide.

if Your Voicemail Greeting Welcomes You, You Have Reached the Correct Destination! from Here on Out, Everything Will Be Managed by The Numerical Input on Your Phone’s Keyboard in Response to The System’s Instructions.

Depending on Where You Are, You May Be Given the Option to Select Your Preferred Language at The Outset. Enter the Proper Number and Tap the # or * Button to “accept” It. Depending on Your Service Provider, You May Be Able to Adjust Various Options Here.

It’s Possible that You’ll Be Able to Record Your Own Greeting for Voicemail or Select One from A Predetermined List, as well as Create and Alter Your Own Password for Access.

To Change Your Pin, Simply Select the Relevant Option, Enter the New Number Twice (if Prompted), and You’re All Set! You Have Successfully Modified Your Voicemail’s Security Settings.

Remember that Some Service Providers and Phone Manufacturers Prohibit the Use of Particularly Simple Pin Codes Like 1234. Never Use that As a Password Because It’s Just as Insecure as Having No Password at All.

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How to Reset Your Voicemail Password on Android

Depending on your service provider, you may be able to modify the password for your Android voicemail. You can reset your phone’s password by contacting the provider directly, but most of them also provide a simpler alternative.

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With some service providers, if you know your current password and are logged into the Phone app, you can alter it in the app’s settings. If the following steps don’t help, scroll down to the carrier-specific instructions.

  • To access the menu, open the Phone app and select the menu item with three dots in the top right corner.
  • Use the “Settings” menu.
  • Go down and select the Voicemail option.
  • Select the option to modify your PIN.
  • Then, after typing in the current password, you can proceed.
  • Change your PIN and press Continue to proceed. Repeat the code and then press the OK button.


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