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Now You Can Use Twitter to Share a Secret with 150 Close Friends: Know More!

Now You Can Use Twitter to Share a Secret With 150 Close Friends

Some tweets deserve to be shared with the world. On the other hand, there are some tweets that are better kept to yourself or a select few followers.

Therefore, Twitter said on Tuesday that it is testing a tool called “Circle,” which allows users to restrict access to their tweets by selecting specific accounts, such as those who can view the tweet, like the tweet, or respond to the tweet.

Users will reportedly soon be able to restrict who sees their tweets without switching to private mode or using the “Circle” feature, both of which are now necessary.

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Twitter recommends that users set their follower count to no more than 150. Similar to Instagram’s Close Friends function, which only allows users to broadcast to a select group of friends and acquaintances, this allows users to restrict who sees their stories.

Twitter suggests that certain users may be able to begin creating Circles. They also confirmed to Engadget that the service is already accessible to a “small subset” of Android, iOS, and web users in some regions of the world. Note that work on this feature began last year.

Twitter announced three concept ideas for a new Trusted Friends feature in July 2021. Therefore, Circle is the product of Trusted Users’ efforts and the modernization as a whole.

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Several product experiments, including the anticipated edit tweets capability and now the Circle feature, have not been delayed or paused despite Elon Musk’s recent purchase of the bird app. This provides evidence that their plans to conduct product testing prior to Musk’s arrival were not compromised.

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