The Resort Ending Explained: Did Lex Make It out Alive?

The Resort Ending Explained

Produced in the USA in 2021, Taylor Chien’s The Resort is a horror film. Bianca Haase, Brock O’Hurn, Michael Vlamis, and Michelle Randolph are among the actors featured.

Hip-hop singer Quavo was encouraged to help produce the film by the film’s principal producer, Will Meldman, and he did so in 2019.

In search of the fabled “Half-Faced Girl,” four friends travel to Hawaii to investigate claims of a haunting at an abandoned resort.

Plot Summary

The Resort Ending Explained

Lex is a writer who specializes in horror and is now on the prowl for ideas. Her best pals Bree, Chris, and Sam surprised her with a trip to Hawaii for her birthday.

When they chose to explore more of a distant island, however, their vacation took a horrifying turn. Here we see Lex being questioned by a police officer in a medical facility.

To the police officer, Lex relates the tale of the Half-Faced Girl. Lex claims that she and her companions met the young lady on a deserted island. The next scene is a flashback to when Lex’s pals surprised her on Kilahuna island.

Tourists and residents alike are forbidden from setting foot on the island, with many citing supernatural concerns as the main reason they avoid it. It is rumored that the famed Half-Faced Girl lives in the deserted resort on the island.

In the end, Lex will track her down. After the islanders turned them down as passengers, the travelers booked a one-way helicopter ride.

After six hours, a boat would arrive to carry them out. The pilot thinks the local’s words are nothing but tall tales and dismisses them.

He does not explicitly admit that the location is haunted. It was a lot of fun for the group to explore the isolated island, but the adventure ended when they came across the deserted resort.

A malicious paranormal power that won’t let them go alive soon traps and torments the gang. Later on in the narrative, Bree gets into a car and drives away from the house in an effort to reach the pier.

However, some sort of supernatural power is driving the car. Bree has whisked away to the resort’s further reaches in an autonomous vehicle. Her friends promptly arrived to check up on her, only to find out that she was already dead.

After Sam is taken, the remaining friends proceed into the night, to find him, carrying torches. Sam came back, but he was now one of the walking dead. He strikes the surviving group and crushes Chris’ skull.

Lex later encounters Bree’s zombie form in the corridor. She creepily sings her “Happy Birthday” and then lights herself on fire. After regaining consciousness, Lex finds herself in a medical facility.

The police officer listens to her account and then informs Lex that a search party has been sent to the island. The officer steps away, and Lex grabs her cell phone.

The cop is photographed as she pulls out her camera. She takes a close look at the officer’s hand and notices that his veins are a striking shade of crimson. The policeman pounces on Lex and begins an assault on her.

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The Resort Ending Explained

The Resort Ending Explained

Lex’s face is shown to be ghostly white and pallid after the attack, leading the audience to conclude that she has passed away.

The terrible event on the island proved fatal for her. She died after meeting the Half-Faced Girl in Bree’s body.

The finale reveals that the chat with the policeman is nothing but a spiritual illusion. She is locked in an endless loop of absolute horror.

Who Is the Half-Faced Girl?

Not much is known regarding the story of the Half-Faced Girl. All we know about her in local lore is that she’s a malevolent ghost who lurks around the island.

When Lex and her pals visit the deserted resort, they run across the malevolent spirit and learn firsthand that the legend is based on fact. There’s more to the Half-Faced Girl than meets the eye.

She can force humans under her influence and turn them into monsters. After Bree dies, the surviving three friends desperately looked for a way out, but a hand suddenly snatches Sam into the dark.

During Sam’s transformation into a zombie, we had a glimpse of the Half-faced Girl ripping off his face. Lex runs upon Bree again in the corridor; she was killed alongside Sam.

Despite our brief encounter with the Half-Faced Girl, we are already fully aware of her immense power and can see why the villagers are so afraid of her.

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Who Is the Policeman and Is He Alive?

The Resort Ending Explained

The finale hints that no one can ever escape the island alive. Everyone on the island is killed by the Half-Faced Girl, and their suffering does not end with death.

The Half-Faced Girl always manages to find a way to draw people into her lair. Those who die will return as a ghost and suffer a never-ending loop of horror. All the individuals they encounter on the island, including the police officer, are ghosts, too.

The police officer who was interviewing Lex first stated that he did not trust her tale. He went there when he was a kid, he said.

It’s probably safe to assume that those apparitions met the Half-Faced Girl at some point in their past and met the same tragic end as Lex and her companions.

Scarier than being plagued by a malevolent spirit is the knowledge that your suffering will continue even after you die.


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