Chapelwaite Ending Explained: Get All You Want to Know!

chapelwaite ending explained

Episode 10 of Chapelwaite marked the end of Charles Boone’s trip. He brought his family to Maine in search of a fresh start. Unfortunately, a catastrophe ensued. Stephen, the silent whaler’s cousin, tricked him.

He had Charles come with him to Chapelwaite in search of the demonic book De Vermis Mysteriis. Hereditary Vermiphobia was a curse placed on the Boone family by James Boone in 1780.

Another villain, the vampire lord Jakub, approached Charles once he learned of the plot hatched by his deceased cousin’s spirit. Jakub wanted Charles to discover the Book of the Undead, but only a living Boone could do so because of the family’s curse.

Jakub couldn’t call upon his Worm God without his black bible. Charles foresaw the calamity that would ensue if Jakub brought his lord to the human world in his vision. For the monsters of the night, a human body would be a feast. Episode 10 of Chapelwaite told the story of the decisive struggle between Jakub and Charles Boone.

Chapelwaite – Plot

Charles’s deceased cousin Stephen has been given new life as a vampire. When he finally meets Charles, he confesses that he brought the distraught captain there to look for a long-lost named De Vermis Mysteriis. He detailed the curse that had been placed on their Boone family and how they were searching for a live Boone to assist them to break it.

Jakub, the story’s vampire adversary, needs the book as well in order to amass endless dread on Earth and turn humanity into hell. Because of this, Charles and his loved ones have become embroiled in a struggle that has raged for millennia between good and evil.

From the very first episodes, it was evident that this may end up costing the lives of many innocent people. However, what ended up occurring is unclear. Let’s get deeper into this question right here.

‘Chapelwaite’ Episode 10 Recap

Charles Banded Together with Key Allies Including George Dennison, Rebecca Morgan, and A Few Others from Preacher’s Hometown. He Made an Assault on Jakub’s Church in The Lot District of Jerusalem.

Charles Learned the Hard Way that A Hit to The Heart Can Kill a Vampire During Battle. Humans Were Able to Eliminate Bloodsucking Monsters, but The Vast Numbers of The Latter Ultimately Proved Too Much.

After a Succession of Violent Killings, George Gave His Life to Provide a Distraction that Allowed Charles to Sneak Into Jakub’s Church. Loa Aided Charles in His Fight Against Jakub, and The Whaler Bravely Severed Jakub’s Head.

But Stephen Used the Fight to His Advantage by Stealing the Book and Completing the Ritual to Reawaken the Worm Lord. However, Charles Was on A Murderous Rampage and Slashed Stephen’s Heart Open to Spare Humanity from The Pit of Endless Night.

Charles and His Surviving Comrades Destroyed Jerusalem’s Lot and Carried Loa Back to Chapelwaite when Jakub’s Army Was Defeated. Even Though Charles Had Succeeded in Vanquishing Jakub and Stephen, the Curse that Had Been Placed on His Family Had Not Been Broken. for The Sake of His Children’s Future, Charles Was Forced by The Curse to Make the Ultimate Sacrifice.

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What Happens in Chapelwaite’s Ending

Chapelwaite Star Jennifer Ens as Honor Boone
The Events of Chapelwaite Culminated in Charles and His Men Laying Siege to Jakub’s Church, a Dilapidated Wreck in The Neighboring Deserted Settlement of Jerusalem’s Lot.

Boone’s Crew Allegedly Saved the Town from Vampires and Charles’ Family from The Curse when They Ultimately Battled and Murdered Jakub, in A Climax Reminiscent of The Renowned Stephen King Miniseries Salem’s Lot.

chapelwaite ending explained

The Vampires Persisted Despite Losing Their Leader, and Stephen’s Theft of De Vermis Mysteriis Maintained the Curse in Effect. Charles Killed Stephen to Get the Book Back, but He Quickly Learned that This Did Not Free Him from The Curse.

In Chapelwaite’s Conclusion, Charles’s Self-Sacrifice as A Vampire Makes Him the Figure Responsible for Protecting the Book and Preventing It from Falling Into the Hands of Either a Human or A Vampire.

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In The End, He Made the Difficult Choice to Leave His Children with Charles’ Former Nanny and Romantic Interest, Emily Hampshire (Rebecca Morgan), to Protect Them from Any Vampires Who Might Come Looking for The Book.


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