Is Paul Hollywood Gay? Know More About Him!

is paul hollywood gay

The English chef and TV host Paul Hollywood is worth $15 million. During the month of March 1966, Paul Hollywood entered the world in Wallasey, Cheshire, England. The Great British Bake Off, on which he has served as a judge since 2010, has brought him widespread fame.

Hollywood helped out at his dad’s bakery and eventually took over as head baker for a number of hotels across the globe, including some in Britain. Later, he made numerous guest appearances on BBC and ITV shows.

Paul Hollywood has made numerous television appearances on shows including Paul Hollywood’s Bread and The Great British Baking Show, as well as competitions like the Great Comic Relief Bake Off and the Great Sport Relief Bake Off.

Paul Hollywood has written a number of cookbooks, including 100 Great Breads (2004), How to Bake (2012), Paul Hollywood’s Bread (2012), Paul Hollywood’s Pies and Puds (2013), Paul Hollywood’s British Baking (2014), and The Weekend Baker (2016).

What’s Paul Hollywood’s Sexual Orientation?

No. Landlady Melissa Spalding, 37, who works at his neighborhood bar, is apparently his girlfriend. Together, they share his £1,000,000 mansion. They apparently started dating in December of this year.

is paul hollywood gay He had dated 24-year-old Summer Monteys-Fulham before beginning his romance with Melissa, but they broke up at the beginning of 2019. For twenty years, Paul was married to Alexandra Hollywood, with whom he had a son, Josh, now seventeen.

In 2013, while still with Alexandra, the GBBO judge allegedly had an affair with his co-star in the American Baking Competition, Marcela Valladolid, which he later called the “worst mistake of my life.” This was published in Hello magazine.

Why Did Viewers Think Paul Hollywood Is Gay?

After hearing Matt Lucas say to Paul Hollywood, “And you call yourself a gay man,” many viewers assumed he was gay. This was in response to Paul’s admission that he had never seen a show on London’s West End.

They shared a glance at baker Laura’s West End cake for the show-stopping dessert challenge. Nonetheless, it appears that Matt was making fun of Paul.

Bakers were given the task of making rainbow bagels right before the grand finale challenge. When Paul Hollywood called them “NHS bagels,” he angered several viewers.

A fan criticized Paul Hollywood for disappointing the LGBTQ community that week. Paul, a bagel is already the gayest food item; a rainbow bagel takes the cake.

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Paul Hollywood’s Relationship

John’s numerous heterosexual partnerships overwhelmingly refute any claims he may have been gay. Paul is currently engaged to be married to a woman named Melissa Spalding.

Melissa, a 37-year-old landlady, runs a neighborhood bar. They moved in together in December of 2019 and have been living in his $1 million home ever since.

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Marriage with Alex

Paul, though, was previously married to a woman named Alex. Paul and Alex first crossed paths in 1996, when he started working as the head baker at a five-star hotel in Cyprus. Alex taught scuba diving, and it was a popular pastime in Hollywood.

They started dating after meeting there. They would treat themselves to a brunch of croissants and champagne when they had the chance.

They were so happy together that they decided to get married in 1999. The couple also raised a kid they called Josh. When Paul acknowledged in 2013 having an affair with Marcela Valladolid, his co-host on The American Baking Competition, their marriage became a topic of conversation.

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Alex’s 2013 divorce petition cited adultery as the primary reason for the split, and the two were legally divorced until she had to move back to Hollywood. Paul called the encounter one of the biggest mistakes of his life in an interview with BBC Radio 5.


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