Seattle Zombie Woman Tiktok Video: Isn’t Marilyn Stanley ‘Zombie Woman’!

seattle zombie woman tiktok video

Earlier this year, on TikTok, a viral video shook everyone to their core.

The video showed a woman who resembled a zombie screaming in the street while covered in blood. She wore only one shoe, ripped clothes, and shaved her head.

Many people were concerned about the lady because they assumed she had been in a terrible accident, while others believed they were on the movie set.

TikTok users are now linking the video to the 2015 Marilyn Stanley case, even though it does not feature the same person.

Tiktok Users Believe Marilyn Stanley to Be the Zombie Woman

People have been wondering who the woman in the viral video of the zombie woman is ever since the video went viral.

People looked into the case of Marilyn Stanley, a 26-year-old Kentucky woman whose boyfriend scalped. People looked into the Marilyn Stanley case.

seattle zombie woman tiktok video

A judge in Boone County, Nebraska, indicted Zachary Gross on charges of first-degree assault, tampering with physical evidence, and harboring a vicious dog after he allegedly told his pit bull to attack the victim.

Her doctors told Marilyn that she would never be able to grow hair on her head again after losing 80% of her scalp. As a result, she underwent several surgical procedures to restore her hairline.

Despite being sentenced to 20 years in prison for his actions, Zachary showed no remorse in court two years after the attack and blamed everything on his dog.

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Fact Check: The Zombie Woman in Tiktok is Not Marilyn Stanley

Users of TikTok are under the impression that the woman in the video is Marilyn Stanley, even though this is not the case.

The zombie woman video was uploaded in 2021, but Marilyn was attacked in 2015, which is a difference of six years. This indicates that the two occurrences, despite being related to one another, are not connected in any way.

The Zombie Woman Video is Still Unknown

As of the time of writing, the mystery surrounding the zombie woman video had not been solved. People have speculated that the scene will be included in an upcoming American thriller film called KIMI, which takes place in Seattle because the license plates on the vehicles are from Seattle.

“I was trying to figure out what it was too, and many people are pointing out that it could be filming for a movie called KIMI because the car plate is a Washington plate, and it’s being filmed in Seattle,” one Twitter user wrote. “Many people speculate that it’s for a movie called KIMI because the car plate is a Washington plate, and it’s being filmed in Seattle.”

“Okay, so I did some research, and someone suggested that it was a scene from an upcoming thriller called KIMI, which is currently being filmed in both Los Angeles and Seattle,” another commenter said.

Others, on the other hand, claimed that the police were called because she was a genuine woman in need of assistance.


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