What Occurs on December 3? How Did the Tiktok Craze Get Started?

Whats December 3

Some dates stay in everyone’s memory for the rest of the time. You are not living life to the fullest if, when October 3 rolls around, you don’t say, “It’s October 3,” just like Cady in Mean Girls. The same is true of April 25 is regarded as the ideal day “because it’s not too hot and not too cold.”

And now, mainly if you use TikTok frequently, you may have noticed that everyone is referring to December 3 as particularly significant. What gives, though? What occurs on December 3? This is what we do know.

What Occurs on December 3?

Depending on your involvement with TikTok, you may already know that Conan Gray’s “Heather” is a massive hit on the app. It may have begun as a good song that many people liked, but it is now widespread and has started a few trends.

You might recall the Pinterest Trend in which people hid a video of themselves standing still among Pinterest search results and revealed the secret when the song “Heather” played. People began to refer to other lovely, lovable people as “Heathers.”

The app’s abbreviation for “Heather” has become a hit song. If you only know the TikTok snippet, you might not realize that the song begins with “I still remember, December 3.” True. December 3! 3.12.

Whats December 3

“You said your sweater looked better on me than you if you knew how much I liked you,” the song continues. So, people are talking about December 3 because it’s mentioned in “Heather” as the date the narrator pined for their crush (who only had eyes for Heather).

On December 3, some people may give their crush a sweater or ask them out. Others will wear a shirt and listen to “Heather” repeatedly. There are already numerous TikTok videos about December 3, and we anticipate even more on the actual date.

Keep an extra sweater in December, even if you don’t have a passion. If you get a shirt on December 3, it could mean they like you (but don’t jump to conclusions — you could be cold!). Give them your shirt if you’re the crush.

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How Did the Tiktok Craze Get Started?

The trend began with the first line of Gray’s song, “I Still Remember, Third of December.” The poem continues, “You claimed that I looked better in your sweater than you did, but only if you knew how much I admired you.”

People on TikTok have fallen in love with the day, declaring that it should be celebrated in the same way every year, even though the song is about pining for someone on that specific day.

Heather by Conan Gray has 88 million YouTube views as of December 2, 2021. It includes hopes that their crush will give them a sweater, as in the song. Others, however, have been sitting on their sweaters, waiting to be asked out.


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