101 Squid Game: In the Netflix Show, Who Plays Player 101?


Squid Game on Netflix is arguably the most popular show ever aired on the streaming service. The survival drama’s unique storyline and thrilling, albeit violent, scenes have drawn viewers from all over the world.

It was expected that the show, as well as its stars, would soar to fame. However, one of these actors is grabbing the interest of lots of fans. Heo Sung-tae, also known as Jang Deok-su, is well known for his role as the evil gangster who frequently enrages other players.

While his on-screen persona may give the impression that he is a tough guy, there is much more to him than you might realize. What you need to know about Player 101 is provided below.

Explained Season 1 Ending

Gi-hun is given the option to leave the competition with the prize money after Sang-suicide woo’s attempt during the game’s final challenge.

Gi-hun plays one last game with the “Grandmaster,” who turns out to be Player 001, whose real name is Il-nam. This occurs after Gi-hun returns home to discover that his mother has died.

101 Squid Game

Il-nam, a very wealthy individual, is a significant player (VIP) in this game. He explained that he made his living by lending money and entered the game as a VIP after watching it play out for several years before his participation.

Il-nam, suffering from a brain tumor that would eventually kill him, wanted to experience the rush of excitement one last time before he died, which prompted him to participate in the game.

Following Il-passing, nam’s Gi-hun dyes his hair red and prepares to board a plane, but not before dialing the number printed on the credit card with his prize money.

Gi-hun decides to turn around and leave the airport after speaking with the ‘gamemaster,’ promising to find out who is in charge of the game.

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Does Player 101 Die in the Squid Game? Is Jang Deok-su Dead?

Yes, Jang Deok-su, also known as Player 101, perishes in ‘Squid Game.’ In episode 7, his death occurs during the Glass Stepping Stones game. Han Mi-nyeo (Joo-ryeong Kim) grabs and reminds him of his betrayal before dragging him down to a murder-suicide.

Deok-su establishes himself as a dominant player early in the game due to his experience as a gang leader. Mi-nyeo, astute and pragmatic, quickly realizes that allying with Deok-su is the best way to ensure her survival. She secretly passes him her lighter during the Sugar Honeycombs round, assisting him in completing the task.

Byeong-gi, or Player 111, a doctor harvesting organs from dead contestants in exchange for game information, asks Deok-su to join his team before the fight. After helping Deok-su survive, Byeong-gi informs him that the next game is Tug-of-War.

Mi-nyeo has sex with Deok-su, who is concerned about the men’s sudden friendship. Despite her threats to kill him if he betrays her, Deok-su keeps her off his Tug-of-War team. She survives after joining Seong Gi-team hun’s late.

101 Squid Game

Deok-su defeats his partner in Marbles to reach Glass Stepping Stones, where all previous players perish. He declares that one of the players behind him must take the lead because he fears moving forward. They’ll all die on the bridge if time runs out. Mi-nyeo pushes Deok-su, nearly knocking him off the bridge.

Mi-nyeo mocks Deok-cowardice su and declares that she will go instead. She reminds him of his betrayal as he relaxes. Deok-su tries but fails to escape. He begs to leave and promises to lead the way. She drags him to his death and calls him a coward.

In the Netflix Show, Who Plays Player 101?

Heo Sung-tae plays Player 101, also known as Jang Deok-su, in the Netflix original series Squid Game. Sung-tae made his acting debut in the film The Age of Shadows in 2016. In the movie, he played the lead role.

In the Beyond Evil series, he played the antagonist, businessman Lee Chang-Jin. He is best known for his roles in the Netflix series Racket Boys and The Fortress, in which he played prominently.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Was 101 in Squid Games?

A significant adversary in the first season of the South Korean Netflix series Squid Game is Jang Deok-su, also known as Player 101. He is a South Korean gangster boss who decided to participate in Oh Il-2020 nam’s Squid Game to pay off his debts to the mafia and a casino in the Philippines.

In Squid Game, What Happens to Player 101?

Deok-su (101) is a gangster who jumps off a bridge and falls off the glass bridge.

In Squid Game, Who Was the Bad Guy?

In Squid Game on Netflix, Heo Sung-tae portrays the menacing gangster Jang Deok-su. Netflix is in the picture.


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