Arctic Void Ending Explained: Know All You Need to Know!

arctic void ending explained

And within the first few minutes of the film, Ray (Michael Weaver, Ouija: Origin of Evil, Ravage) and Alan (Tim Griffin, The Gift, The Collection), who is filming an episode of their travel show, are among the people who are aboard a tiny Norwegian tourist vessel with us.

Sean (Justin Huen, Angel of Death, The People I’ve Slept With) joins them as a last-minute replacement for their regular cameraman, whose visa application was turned down for unknown reasons.

To demonstrate the wonders of nature, Captain Jim (Rune Temte, Heavy Trip, Captain Marvel) starts the engines and sets sail. But they haven’t been out of port long when they start to notice unusual things occurring to the local wildlife.

A bird with apparent missing eyes, a mother walrus biting its calf, etc. The true oddity, however, comes later when all save Ray, Sean, and Alan vanish into thin air.

Plot Summary / Synopsis

Svalbard’s Longyearbyen, Near the Arctic Circle Two Men from A Travel Show’s Film Team Arrive at The Airport. There Is a Cheery Guy and A Depressing Guy (Tim Griffin as Alan Meursault) (Michael Weaver as Ray Marsh).

They Are Joined by A New Cameraman, Sean Tibbets, Played by Justin Huen. when They Board Their Cruise Ship (langoysund), Their Tour Leader Welcomes Them (rune Temte as Jim). the Cheery Guy Notices a Bird without Eyes on The Ship.

The Depressed Man Is Lonely without His Family. the Two of Them Discover the Cameraman’s Tape Recorder and Play It Again, but All They Hear Is an Odd Noise. They Witness a Walrus Killing a Youngster.

One of The Tourists Began Bleeding from His Ears After Lunch. the Three Film Crew Members Are Then Preoccupied as Everyone Else Leaves the Ship All of A Sudden. the Depressed Man Begins to Develop Physical Wounds. the Ship’s Engine Is Dysfunctional.

They Board a Motorboat and Make Their Way Toward a Settlement They Can See on The Horizon. They Discover a Wounded Polar Bear There After Finding a Wounded Deer in The Abandoned Village. They Discover a Location with Lights on And Recent Habitation Evidence.

The Depressed Man Is Actually Quite Ill. when He Looks at The Most Recent Video on One of The Visitors’ Cameras, He Can See What the Cameraman Is Doing to Them. the Jovial Man Confronts the Cameraman, Who Admits that He Is There to Record an Experiment’s Results.

They Were Exposed to A Sonic Weapon that Was Intended to Cause Them to Become Disoriented, but According to Him, the Victims Simply Vanished. the Tapes Were Left Because They Have a Counter Vibration that Protects Them from The Sonic Weapon.

The Happy Guy Throws the Unhappy Person’s Camera and Cellphone Into the Ocean After Placing Them in A Protective Bag.

The Cameraman’s Employers Inform Him Through Message that They Will Pick Him Up In 30 Minutes. the Glum Man Appears to Pass Away. the Cameraman Is Shot in The Head when He Leaves. the Cheerful Guy’s Chamber Begins to Ring with The Sound of The Phone.

The Safety Bag Is Still Floating in The Water, as We Can See.

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What Actually Took Place?

A Group Was Getting Ready to Test Sonic Weapons Illicitly. to Capture the Incidents on Camera, They Sent a Cameraman to The Location. the Cameraman Took the Position Because He Needed the Money. Additionally, He Agreed to Work with The Film Crew and Join Them.

Something Took Place. Possibilities:

The Organization Began Its Experiment, but An Unexpected Result Emerged.
There Was Some Other Terrible Thing that Happened There.

The Experts Speculate that Unusual Things Might Occur at This Location as A Result of Cosmic Radiation. as It Is Also Bio-Electric, They Also Say that It Might Jumble the Minds.
People on The Ship Appeared to Vanish:

The Cameraman Claimed that They Simply Vanished, Although He Might Be Lying.
Given that He Was Present when It Occurred, the Cameraman May Have Accidentally Dropped the Bodies Into the Water. Before the Others Arrived, He Had Plenty of Time to Complete That.

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Given that No One in The Audience Saw Anything Happen and That They Had Plenty of Time to Do So, They Might All Have Simply Jumped Into the Sea. If Cosmic Radiation Is the Culprit, Some of Them May Have Become Disoriented Enough to Fall Into the Water, but Most Likely Not All of Them.

The Motorboat’s Engine Was Unaffected by The Incident, but The Ship’s Engine Was Also Destroyed.

If Cosmic Radiation Was the Root of The Problem, Then the Electro-Magnetic Pulse Would Fry Any Switched-On Electronics While Leaving Unharmed Any that Weren’t in Use at The Time.

arctic void ending explained

The Three Film Crew Members Made the Decision to Stay on The Ship and Visit a Nearby Town. the Settlement Was Empty, Although There Were Indications that Someone Had Recently Lived There:

The Organization Dispatched an Operator There to Record What Was Happening to The Film Crew Before Removing Them Because the Place Had Long Since Been Abandoned.
It Was Occupied until Recently, but Just Like Aboard the Ship, the Inhabitants Vanished.
However, the Organization’s Employees Left the Area.

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The Cameraman Was Then Murdered:

  • It Might Have Been a Member of The Organization Dispatched to Eliminate Them.
  • If the Disaster Also Occurred Here, One of The Survivors May Has Believed They Had a Hand in The Incident.
  • One of The Residents May Has Stayed at Home if The Organization Had Requested the Evacuation of The Community as A Way of Objecting to The Request.


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