Edge of Tomorrow Ending Explained: How Can the Mimics Reset when They Die?

edge of tomorrow ending explained

In 2014, Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt starred in one of the best science fiction movies of the last decade, Edge of Tomorrow (also known as Live, Die, Repeat), which is a highly enjoyable mixture of heart-pounding action, satisfying character development, and time loop-y antics, but can also be a little confusing.

The plot of Edge of Tomorrow is reminiscent of the 1993 film Groundhog Day, in which United Defense Force media relations manager William Cage (Cruise) is forced to relive the same horrific day over and over again with the help of the only other person who has ever experienced this before, Rita Vrataski (Blunt).

Therefore, it’s not uncommon for viewers to leave the theater with more questions than answers. Like Cage’s perpetually reoccurring day, the solutions are there; it just might take a few tries to piece together what’s going on.

We’ve seen this science fiction flick several times and can help you make sense of its convoluted conclusion thanks to our extensive experience with it.

The Story of “Edge of Tomorrow”

All of the Alphas are neurally connected to the Omega, the core extraterrestrial unit in Edge of Tomorrow. When an Alpha dies, the Omega will go back in time. This reversal is used to foresee future occurrences and adapt the offensive strategy accordingly.

 This ensures that the alien life form will win every single fight. The unfortunate humans don’t know this, so they continue to head in the direction of their certain demise.

Thanks to the Alpha’s blood, Cage may also reset. This means that whenever he passes away, he will be returned to the beginning of the day before. When Rita learns that Cage can predict the future, she recalls her own experience with the ability and invites him to meet her once his day has reset.

The remainder of the film follows Cage and Rita as they devise numerous plans to reach the Omega, the location of which is revealed to Cage in a dream sequence.

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The Ending of Edge of Tomorrow

Soon, Cage finds that the larger Mimics, called Alphas, are part of a super-organism ruled by the Omega, a creature that resets the day whenever an Alpha is slain in battle, allowing the Mimics to keep refighting the same conflict until they succeed.

Like Cage, Rita found out this the hard way after being exposed to an Alpha’s blood, allowing her to use the Omega’s power up until she received a blood transfusion.

The majority of “Edge of Tomorrow” is taken up with numerous instances of Cage practicing and searching for the Omega alongside Rita. In the same way that a gamer has to keep trying the same levels over and over again until they can beat them without their avatar getting killed, Cage needs to die a lot so that he may learn from his mistakes.

Similar to Bill Murray’s heartless weatherman Phil Connors in the classic time loop comedy “Groundhog Day,” Cage develops more altruism and empathy as the story progresses.

Cage and Rita do find the Omega, but Cage loses his ability to travel across time when he is severely injured and needs a blood transfusion to keep him from killing himself.

In this scenario, Cage seemingly meets his end while sacrificing his life to kill the Omega, but after coming into contact with the creature’s blood, he is unexpectedly transported back in time not just one day, but two days to an alternate timeline in which Cage was never demoted and humanity is victorious in its war against the Mimics.

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How Can the Mimics Reset when They Die?

The Mimics, the book reveals, have the ability to transmit a tachyon pulse shortly before passing away. When this tachyon pulse enters the alien’s brain, it goes back in time by a day, manifesting as a flashback.

Since it now knows how to best counter the alien’s attacks, it can use this intelligence to its advantage.

Keiji has created a time loop for himself by destroying an Antenna. After each death, he always reawakens one day before the fight. In order to remember the loop number, he scribbles it hastily on his wrist.

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Rita, too, has been mired in a rut of her own making. When she learns that Keiji can’t break out of his time loop, she suggests that he meet her younger self in order to plot a future course of action.


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