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Samsung Hit with Major Data Breach: Know More About It!

Samsung issued a security advisory on September 2 confirming that it had been hacked. According to the advisory, the breach appears to have affected Samsung systems in the United States and took place in “late July.”

Although the exact date on which Samsung discovered the breach is unknown, we do know that on or around August 4, the company determined that the personal information of some customers had been compromised. Again, Samsung has not yet indicated how many of its customers in the United States have been affected.

Samsung claims that no credit or debit card information was accessed, nor were social security numbers; nonetheless, the volume of compromised data is alarming. Samsung has stated that the exact nature of the accessed data may vary from customer to customer.

So, what information are we talking about here?

  • Name
  • Contact details
  • Demographic data
  • Date of birth
  • Product registration data

Samsung states that it collects all data “to provide the best possible experience with our products and services.” The comprehensive collection of such data is detailed in the privacy statement for U.S. customers.

According to my understanding, all affected customers will have received an email informing them of the breach and outlining the next steps. Samsung acknowledges that additional communications may be required as the investigation continues.

Customers are warned to be wary of unsolicited emails, text messages, and phone calls that may use stolen information as engagement leverage.

Information on how Samsung customers in the United States can obtain a free credit report is included in the advisory.

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What Can You Do About It?

So, what exactly can you do about this security breach? You should engage a credit monitoring service to keep track of any new credit card or loan applications made in your name now that this level of information has been disclosed.

Even better, freeze your credit until you’re sure you’re safe. Changing your telephone number is probably also a good idea.

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And if you’re concerned and want reassurance or additional guidance, you should contact Samsung directly. You can also express your dissatisfaction so that, if a similar situation occurs again, they will treat your information with more care.

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