Emmerdale Spoilers Meena: Meena Jutla’s Emmerdale Exit is Explained by Her Prison Term!


Meena Jutla from Emmerdale has been sentenced to prison. After nearly a year of terror in the soap opera, the character’s exit was finally sealed in Monday’s episode when she was convicted in court.

Meena took pleasure in the media attention her criminal case received and the pain her crimes caused Emmerdale residents and her sister Manpreet.

To deny Meena the attention she desired, the residents of Emmerdale effectively boycotted her sentencing hearing. They held a memorial service in the village to dedicate a garden to remembering Leanna and other victims.

Meena was so enraged that few people were present to witness her triumph that she begged the judge to “wait” until more people arrived.

As the proceedings began, the judge issued an order for “silence.” Meena was delighted to see Manpreet sneak into the courtroom to watch the sentencing.

Emmerdale Spoilers Meena

For the deaths of Leanna, Andrea, and Ben, she received three consecutive life sentences with a 25-year tariff. The judge said she would be detained “for the rest of [her] natural life.” “You’ve got me wrong,” Meena insisted, shocked.

Meena screamed for her sister to help her as she was dragged from the courtroom, but nothing was done.

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Manpreet exhaled a sigh of relief outside the courtroom as Liam told Jacob he was “ready to heal now” back in the village.

“I do not doubt Leanna, Ben, or Andrea will thrive in this environment, just as they did in their previous ones. Good night’s sleep. Now that we’ve agreed with you,” Liam said as he dedicated the garden.

In the episode’s final scene, Meena can be seen banging on the door of her prison cell while imprisoned. There would be no reaction…

Emmerdale Spoilers Meena

Who is Meena Jutla?

Paige Sandhu portrays the fictional Meena Jutla in the ITV soap opera Emmerdale. As part of what Emmerdale referred to as a “big autumn shake-up,” information regarding her casting and Meena’s characterization was released in September 2020, along with two other new characters.

She is revealed to be the estranged sister of Manpreet Sharma (Rebecca Sarker), and she travels to the made-up village to make amends with Manpreet. Sandhu described her character as impulsive, apathetic, unreliable, wild, and intelligent when she was cast.

She later disclosed that Meena’s backstory involved her sister and her sister’s relationship being neglected by her parents frequently in favor of Manpreet. This led to Meena having sex with Manpreet’s husband Dennis (Sam Barriscale), which caused their marriage to fail.


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