How to Add the Pinyin Chinese Keyboard on iPhone, Android, & Mac

How to Add the Pinyin Chinese Keyboard on iPhone, Android, Mac & Windows also

If you want to text in a different language or utilize characters from a foreign language, you can use one of the many other keyboards included with your iPhone.

However, these keyboards are not available or activated by default, therefore you must install them in order to use them in applications such as Mail or Messages.

One of the various keyboards enables the addition of Chinese characters to typed text. This instruction will show you how to add this Chinese keyboard iPhone application so that you may begin typing in Chinese instead of the other accessible languages on your device.

How to Enable the iPhone Option for The Chinese Keyboard

  • Open Settings.
  • Select General.
  • Choose Keyboard.
  • Contact Keyboards
  • Select Add a New Keyboard.
  • Select Chinese from the menu.
  • Select the Chinese keyboard layout.
  • Tap Done.
  • Our explanation continues below with additional information on how to use the Chinese keyboard setting on an iPhone, along with images depicting these procedures.

The iPhone includes a variety of pre-installed keyboard alternatives. The Chinese Pinyin keyboard is among the default keyboards that support several of the most regularly used languages in the world.

The Pinyin keyboard may be added to the iPhone keyboard with only a few simple steps and without the need to purchase or install anything more. Follow the instructions below to install the keyboard and begin using it immediately.

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How Can I Type Chinese on My Android Device?

Follow these nine steps to configure the Chinese character keyboard on your Android device:

  • Open “Settings” and conduct a search for “Keyboard.” Select “Keyboards”
  • Select “Virtual Keyboard (Google Keyboard)”
  • Tap “Type in many languages (Gboard)”
  • Select “Languages”
  • Tap on “Add Keyboard”
  • Choose “Chinese”
  • Select “Simplified Chinese”
  • Elective “Tap “Pinyin” and “Handwriting” and then “Done”
  • Tap “Globe” on your virtual keyboard to switch to the Chinese keyboard.

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How Can I Enter Chinese on My Mac?

Follow these four steps to configure the Chinese character keyboard on your Mac device:

  • Open “Settings” and conduct a search for “Keyboard.” Click on “Keyboard”
  • Navigate to “Input Sources” and click “+”
  • Select “Simplified Chinese” and “Simplified Pinyin.” Click “Add”
  • Click the input icon in the navigation bar to switch to the Chinese keyboard


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