How To Get The Tiny Cat Face Filter On Tiktok – 2022’s Most Popular Filter

How To Get Tiny Cat Face Filter On Tiktok – Trending Filter 2022

If you’ve been on social media in the past few days, you’ve likely seen the feline-inspired filter that has been sweeping the internet with its ability to transform you into a cat — and possibly scare your own cat in the process.

The feature, which debuted on the Chinese version of TikTok, Douyin, according to The New York Post, is now available on Snapchat, making it easier for U.S.-based users to join in the fun. Here’s where to find Snapchat’s cat face filter if you’re ready to start using the lens.

There is a good chance that Snapchat users have witnessed their friends scaring their four-legged friends while testing out the feature over the past few days.

On November 18, Twitter user @jesshipma debuted one of the first videos using the U.S.-based Snapchat cat lens on the social media platform, and I’m sure that since then, countless individuals have transformed themselves into furry-faced, whisker-sporting individuals.

However, the cat face filter is not readily accessible, as it cannot be accessed in the main Lens Carousel until it has been tried on.

Here is how to locate the cat filter if you are still unsure. First, launch the Snapchat app, then navigate to your Lens Carousel and select the smiley face icon on the right. You can access the Snap Lens Explorer from there by selecting the magnifying glass icon.

Once there, you should search “cat” at the top and scroll down until you find Joe Speaker’s version.

Tap “Try Lens” to add it to your carousel, where you can experiment with it until you delete it. Considering how much fun people are having with it, I suspect that won’t be for some time.

About Tiny Cat Face Filter on TikTok

By using this Tiny Cat Face Filter on Tiktok and displaying your pet’s or someone else’s face with a mobile phone camera, it will appear much smaller; you’ve probably seen videos using dogs, cats, and human faces, among others.

This Tiny Cat Face Filter is not available on mobile devices and is restricted in certain locations, so people use concave lenses to make their pet’s face appear smaller.

If you adhere to such current trends, there is a chance that your video will attract a large audience on social media apps.

If you use the proper hashtags and employ good editing techniques. And if someone swipes up and watches more than half of your video, they are likely to receive even more views.
If you own an iPhone or Android device and wish to utilize the Tiny Cat Face Filter, you can find it here.

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How Do You Obtain the Tiny Cat Face Filter on TikTok?

To obtain this Tiny Cat Face Filter, you must search “Tiny Cat Face Filter” in the TikTok app’s search bar.

  • Which can be found in the top right corner of the app’s “Home Screen.” This typically affects the top search results.
  • Tap the video camera icon to the right of the effect’s name to utilize it.
  • If “Tiny Cat Face Filter” does not appear in your app’s search results, this effect may not be supported in your region or on your mobile device.
  • You then relaunch the VPN app after adjusting your region settings.
  • You will then be able to view the effect icon on your app without issue.

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How Are TikTokers Using the ‘clarity’ Filter?

The Virality of This Filter Consists of Equal Parts Thirst Trap and Jump Scare. Some Users Opt for A Scary Face with Bared Teeth and Wide Eyes, Which, when Combined with The Filter’s Distortion, Can Be Genuinely Spooky.

Doja Cat, the Reigning Pop Queen of TikTok, Used This Filter in Jump Scare Mode and Captioned Her Video, “I F*cking Love This Trend.” Her Video Has Over 9 Million Likes and 48 Million Views.

Another User, @sophiagail_, Used the Clarity Filter to Create a Jump Scare, Garnering 40 Million Views, 4.2 Million Likes, and Over 50,000 Comments Such as “Nah It’s Fine I Didn’t Want to Sleep Tonight Anyway” and “mom Pick Me up I’m Scared.”

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The Lightning Does Strike Twice with The Clarity Filter. This User Subsequently Uploaded Multiple Videos with The Same Format, Garnering Hundreds of Thousands of Views, Likes, and Comments.


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