Rick and Morty Season 5 Ending Explained: What’s the Central Finite Curve?

rick and morty season 5 ending explained

The mind-bending adventures of Rick and Morty may happen anywhere, even in parallel universes with other versions of the protagonists, and they came to a spectacular conclusion in the season 5 finale.

Rickmurai Jack, the tenth and final episode of the fifth season of Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland’s cult sci-fi animation, premiered in September 2021. The show follows the misadventures of alcoholic scientist Rick Sanchez and his nephew Morty Smith.

Evil Morty, a shadowy counterpart of the Morty Smith we know from another dimension, returned in the series finale. He made an appearance in two of the show’s most popular episodes, and his plans to dominate the world have been the subject of fan theories and internet discussion ever since.

Fans also learned more about the history of the Central Finite Curve, a barrier between realms where Rick isn’t the smartest person in the universe that prevents travelers from reaching worlds where he is.

Before the finale, it appeared like Evil Morty and other in-universe narrative aspects were the only thing Rick and Morty’s signature cynicism couldn’t touch.

Rick and Morty Season 5 Ending Explained

To get to the universes beyond the Central Finite Curve, Evil Morty demonstrates how he plans to render it useless by bursting it. He successfully accomplishes this and visits alternate dimensions where Rick is no longer the most intelligent being.

Now that Rick’s shield has been breached, Evil Morty may face more formidable foes. Rick may or may not have been the smartest man on the curve, but the fact that he never met someone smarter than him suggests that he may have been. Fans now understand that Rick’s ability to escape any universe he encounters is based on the concept of the Central Finite Curve.

After revealing a new universe to the audience, Evil Morty jumped through a yellow portal, which fans saw to be a symbol of his independence from Rick. No one knows if we’ll see him again in season 6, but if he does, it surely won’t be good news for Rick.

Also, the presence of a universe Rick didn’t want to know would compel him to face the facts he’s been attempting to suppress all this time.

Now that Rick’s wall has been demolished, viewers may enjoy a larger universe where anything can happen.

What’s the Central Finite Curve?

By Dissecting the Central Finite Curve, We Can Learn President Morty’s True Intentions. Anyone Who Has Watched Rick and Morty Knows that The Show Takes Place in Multiple Dimensions.

if There Are Always an Infinite Number of Alternate Universes, Then There Must Be an Infinite Number of Rick and Morty Stories. the Best Way to Characterise the Central Finite Curve Is as The Region of The Multiverse Where the Vast Majority of Ricks Call Home.

Essentially, the Ricks of The Citadel Singled out The Infinite Worlds in Which They Were the Most Intelligent Beings and Sealed Them Off from The Rest of The Multiverse.

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If You’ve Ever Wondered Why the Same Grandfather and Grandson Keep Showing up On the Show Despite an Unlimited Number of Plot Twists, This Is Your Answer. the amount of Alternate Universes Where Rick Isn’t a Demi-God Is Endless.

There Is an Endless Number of Worlds in Which He Is Already Dead. the Stronghold Known as The Citadel to Create an Unbreakable Chain of Constrained Multiverses, Ricks Simply Plucked the Worlds from Which He Profited the Most—those in Which Rick Was the Brightest Person in The Universe.

For This Reason, Rick and Morty Have Never Used the Portal Cannon to Visit a Parallel Dimension in Which Rick Is a Regular Joe. which Is Now Impossible Due to The Citadel’s Construction.

As with Most Things Rick Touches, Though, the Central Finite Curve Has a Shadowy Side. Rick Has Previously Explained that Morty’s Brainwaves Serve as The Perfect Disguise for His Own Because They Cancel Each Other Out.

In Some Alternate Realities, Ricks Tricked and Sedated Beths and Jerrys Into Getting Together Rather than Allowing Nature Take Its Course. Both the Central Finite Curve and The Citadel Have Been Transformed Into What Can Best Be Described as Morty Farms.

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Do You Remember how In “gotron Jerrysis Rickvangelion” Rick Turned Into a Very Manipulative and Sociopathic Individual? What You Saw There Was Only A Taste of What He’s Accomplished so Far.


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