Apostle Ending Explained: Know More About the Movie!

apostle ending explained

On Netflix on October 12, you may watch Apostle, a horror film that combines elements of The Wicker Man with the director Gareth Evans’ previous gore-fests like The Raid. It’s a movie concerned with the power dynamics of secluded societies, with faith, hypocrisy, Game of Thrones-esque spiritual deities, and with incredibly horrible torture techniques.

Most significantly, it’s a movie that’ll get you talking – after you eject some of its more horrible images from your memory, that is.

In 1905, vagrant Thomas Richardson (Dan Stevens) sets out to free his sister Jennifer (Elen Rhys) from a cult that has taken her hostage.

Thomas shaves his beard, makes himself look like Dan Stevens again, and he and his devoted followers set sail for the island community of Erisden. He has no intention of paying ransom to the cult leaders. Instead, he plans to come to her aid.

The journey to Erisden itself is an ordeal in and of itself. Jennifer’s family is expecting Jennifer’s cousin to arrive on Erisden, so Prophet Malcolm and Quinn (Marc Lewis Jones), the island’s founders, are keeping an eye out.

Thomas successfully replaces his ticket, which bears a red mark, with another man’s. Consequently, the other man is executed, and Thomas is accepted.

On his first day on the island, Thomas discovers more about the mystery sect. Later on, we find out that the local deity that Prophet Malcolm and his followers worship is actually a goddess (Sharon Morgan).

Thomas learns the reason the cult has seized Jennifer after harassing a local boy named Jeremy (Bill Milner), who is having an affair with Ffion (Kristin Forseth). For whatever reason, the island’s land is dying, and so the people need money to buy crops.

Thomas witnesses his abducted sister for the first time the following day. To find Jennifer’s missing relative, who they believe to be on the island, Malcolm parades her around town. Thomas refuses to turn himself into Malcolm, even after witnessing the abuse of his sister.

He abandons the group and opts to accompany Malcolm on a hike through the woods. There, Malcolm has an audience with the island goddess, who appears to him as a thin woman with white hair.

The claims made by Malcolm are not fabricated. After a disastrous mission trip to China, Thomas gave up on God and was shocked to encounter such undeniable proof of the existence of a divine being. When faced with this divinity, Thomas is forced to reevaluate his beliefs.

Very soon after their hike in the woods, Malcolm and Quinn learn that Thomas is a distant relative of Jennifer’s. The movie devolves into chaos as the leaders search for Thomas and battle for power on the island.

Although by the end of Apostle Thomas has accomplished his goal of rescuing Jennifer, many people have been killed in shocking and tragic ways, and the nation of Erisden has fallen apart. We’ll go over the major questions and events that lead up to the climax of the Apostle.

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Apostle Ending

That’s it; the final scene of Apostle. Thomas wakes up in the barn after an unsuccessful attempt to free his sister, only to find that the Grinder has literally hooked him up to a horrible contraption designed to grind meat for the god.

Thomas gets sucked inside the machine as the Grinder cranks it, and one of his hands is crushed. However, this presents him with a way out, and he uses it to his advantage, breaking free and ultimately killing the Grinder.

\Thomas approaches the god, who smiles and says, “How I’ve waited for you, my son,” in an unknown tongue. He drops to his knees before her, and she grabs his head, thorns emerging from her fingertips and digging into his temples.

Thomas has become her thrall, as seen by the pallor of his eyes as he reopens them. She then gives him explicit instructions to liberate her, at which point he follows the cave painting’s lead and throws a lantern into the dry wood of the bed where she is imprisoned, setting her ablaze.

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Almost immediately, the blaze rips through the vegetation that links her cellblock to the rest of the island, threatening to consume the entire community. While on a hunting trip, Malcolm’s guards are ambushed by the god’s other form, who proceeds to impale them on trees.

Thomas’ sister Jennifer (Elen Rhys) and Malcolm’s daughter Andrea (Lucy Boynton) have been kidnapped by Quinn, who has revealed his reprehensible plan: to retain them as his personal sex slaves and feed the offspring they bear to the god in exchange for the island’s restoration.

When Thomas arrives, he gets into a fight with Quinn, during which he is fatally injured. Thomas maintains the knife in Quinn’s chest as Jennifer and Andrea manage to tie a chain around his neck and pull him across the ground while disemboweling him.

Thomas, Jennifer, and Andrea leave the burning hamlet to join the other cult members who have escaped to the boats on the shore. From blood loss, Thomas becomes increasingly frail and eventually collapses close to a tree on the mountaintop.

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After a sad farewell, he tells the women to continue on without him. A cry rings out from the island, and as the last rowboat approaches, a chunk of the cliff explodes in a shower of fire and blood. At the airport, Andrea sobs as they say goodbye.

As Thomas bleeds to death on the cliff, Malcolm, who was shot in the shoulder by Quinn, makes his way toward him. They stand together as the ship transporting the cult members sets sail from the island.

When Thomas examines the ground, he notices that a plant is flourishing right where the blood is flowing into the soil from the stump of his fingers. He raises his eyes to Malcolm, who gives him a reassuring smile of approval.


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