Is Steve Lacey Gay? Know More About His Life!

is steve lacey gay

Celebrity On May 23, 1998, in the United States, Steve Lacy entered the world. The entertainment business recognizes him for his various achievements. Producer from the United States who focuses on hip hop and R&B and is most well-known for his work with The Internet.

He was nominated for a Grammy for his roles as executive producer and vocalist on the band’s 2015 studio album Ego Death. Gemini is Steve Lacy’s astrological sign, as defined by astrologers.

The Internet Guitarist Steve Lacy Confirms He’s Bisexual – but Says He Won’t Date Black Guys

Steve Lacy, an up-and-coming musician, has come out as bisexual but has caused a stir by saying he has no desire to date black men. According to NewNowNext, Lacy recently revealed his sexuality on Tumblr, indicating he is open to romantic connections with guys.

Lacy is a member of the Grammy-nominated US band The Internet and has produced for the likes of Vampire Weekend and Kendrick Lamar. The 19-year-old was asked by a mystery user if he was bisexual or straight, to which he replied, “I’m human.”

When asked if he’d ever go on a date with a guy, he responded, “Sure, why not?” When asked what kind of man he would be open to dating, Lacy quickly became a controversial figure.

Defending his “blatantly anti-black choice in relationships,” Lacy said, “the rationale for it all isn’t anti-black…at all” in response to an anonymous user’s question.

For as long as I can remember, whenever I was among other black males, they were constantly trying to one-up me, ya know? I’ve always thought of my neighbors as brothers, so the idea of having a sexual relationship with them has never entered my mind.

I know this seems ridiculous, but the following statement is based on a true story: “I’m a n***a from Compton, I don’t detest black people, I prefer to live here and be among POC cuz I love black people, I’m just not attracted to black dudes.

I still care about them and wish them the best, but we’re done dating for now. Many fans took to social media to express their dismay at Lacy’s statements, and his remarks were quickly met with a backlash.

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Who Is Steve Lacy Dating?

A lot of Steve Lacy’s 2022 followers want to know who he’s dating right now. Steve Lacy is seeing someone behind the scenes, but he hasn’t told anyone yet. On March 3rd, he shared a photo of himself embracing an anonymous lover.

is steve lacey gay

Steve was seen in the mirror sitting on his lover’s lap. There’s no doubt he’s his boyfriend. The tweets in favor of this piece received a flurry of activity from the fans. Commenters were overjoyed to learn that Steve has a new boyfriend, yet many expressed jealousy at the same time.

In response to the rumors, he stated that in 2017 he was interested in everybody, regardless of gender. Growing up, “Dark males were primarily his opponents, and he never envisaged himself participating in sexual behavior with them,” according to the story. For him, it all started with his horrific upbringing.

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He received some backlash after declaring that black men will never again hold his interest. Many were offended by his remark, but he explained his position by pointing to his upbringing as the origin of his controversial viewpoint.

His love life and values remain unchanged to this day. Steve Lacy is definitely bisexual, albeit his current lover’s identity remains unknown.


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