The Suspect Ending Explained: Get More Information!

the suspect ending explained

Detective James Nesbitt (James Nesbitt), played by Nesbitt, is proven right towards the end of the series… before a stunning surprise.

The first time we saw Danny (Nesbitt), he was at a morgue for what he believed was going to be a routine ID check on an identifiable body but ended up being his estranged daughter Christina.

Despite the fact that Christina’s death has ruled a suicide by pathologist Jackie (Joely Richardson), Danny became certain that she had been murdered and set out to find the persons with whom she had been in touch in the days leading up to her death.

All the details you need to know about the conclusion of the Channel 4 thriller Suspect are provided below, and the entire series is now available to stream in its entirety on All4.


Former North Korean spy Ji Dong-Cheol (Gong Yoo) watches as his mentor is murdered in South Korea. After stealing some vital information, Dong-Cheol is hunted by National Intelligence Service head investigator Kim Seok-ho (Jo Seong-ha).

Kim is a corrupt spy who ordered the hit himself and used a network of North Korean defectors to obtain the information he needed. Drill sergeant Min Se-hoon (Park Hee-soon) is tasked with tracking down Dong-Cheol, but he has no idea what his boss Kim’s hidden goal is until Dong-actions Cheol compels him to rethink his job.

Despite this, Dong-Cheol is more concerned with exacting revenge on the guy who, at the behest of the North Korean government, murdered his wife and child than with protecting the information on his person.

Since the entire NIS is now following him, he turns to reporter Choi (Yoo Da-in), who offers to help him expose a conspiracy within the secret service.

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Who Killed Christina in Suspect?

At the end of season one of Suspect, Danny figured out that pathologist Jackie (who we met in the pilot) was responsible for the death of his estranged daughter Christina.

A broken plastic wrapper on Jackie’s kitchen counter sparked a memory of similar trash on Christina’s coffee table, and he immediately made the link.

Jackie killed Christina because Christina threatened to reveal that Jackie had fabricated an autopsy report for Ryan (played by Sam Heughan), with whom Jackie was having an affair.

Jackie drugged Christina and then staged her suicide, knowing full well that she would be the one to do the autopsy and therefore hide her involvement.

Danny also realized that Christina had intended to see him in person to break the news about Jackie’s misbehavior before she was murdered.

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At the End of Suspect, What Happened?

By the episode’s finale, Danny knew that all evidence against Jackie had been removed because Christina’s body had been cremated.

Knowing there was no way to prove Jackie’s guilt, Danny, in a private moment with his daughter’s killer, stabbed her in the chest with a kitchen knife.

We then witnessed him in the custody of law enforcement, talking to his phantom version of Christina while sitting in the back of a police car. He was obviously being held for questioning in the murder of Jackie.

Initially, he appeared quietly triumphant about exacting revenge for his daughter, assuring the image of Christina that everything was “finished,” to which she replied, “No, nothing is over,” and then faded away.

He finally spoke out loud, “Christina?” as the screen cut to black and the credits rolled.



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