Wandavision Ending Explained: Vision Is Reborn in The MCU!

wandavision ending explained

The story of WandaVision, which lasted for eight nearly perfect episodes, has come to a close with a final episode that sticks the landing on all fronts, including multiple cinematic battles, several heartfelt goodbyes, and a long-overdue moment of agency for a heroine who has been denied a choice in her own future.

There are many unanswered issues concerning the future of these characters after “The Series Finale,” despite the fact that it serves as a fitting conclusion to what is likely Marvel’s most emotionally rewarding outing to date. So, let’s analyze the WandaVision series conclusion and see what it means for the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Wanda Transforms Into the Scarlet Witch

Agatha’s revelation last week confirmed that Wanda was the famed Scarlet Witch, but in “The Series Finale,” we see her completely embrace her chaos magic, down to an awesome contemporary spin on her classic comic book costume. “(That crown! That jacket with the cape! We’re always excited to catch a glimpse of it!)

The mind control visions she used so effectively in Avengers: Age of Ultron are back as well. Can this Wanda accomplish anything?

To be fair, neither she nor we know how all this newfound authority will ultimately shape her personality. Wanda’s powers in this episode are rather incredible, as she utilizes witch runes to neutralize Agatha, wipes her mind, and brings down the Hex she’s created around Westview, liberating the residents.

However, in the episode’s post-credits sequence, her skills appear to have evolved even further, as she is able to enjoy a beautiful lake view while her astral self is simultaneously busy reading the Darkhold, even to the point of making its pages spin on their own.

We’ve seen this trick from Stephen Strange before, but Agatha claims that Wanda is more potent than the Sorcerer Supreme himself. So…I’m not sure what else she’ll be capable of. That appears to be the question she is attempting to answer.

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Vision Is Reborn in The MCU

If WandaVision Is About the Inevitable Cycle of Life and Death, Then Vision Is Its Embodiment. Westview Vision, in Their Dying Minutes Together, Inquires as To Wanda’s Identity.

Wanda Responds by Explaining that The Mind Stone Within Her Is Responsible for Reanimating Vision Inside the Hex, Despite the fact that His Body Is Made of Wires, Blood, and Bone. This Vision Will Be Lost, Possibly Forever, After the Barrier Collapses.

Thankfully, His Successor Has Been Taken out Of the Box and Is Ready to Go to Work. Westview Vision Releases the Suppressed Memories During the Battle with White Vision.

with A Touch to The Head of His Pallid Double, It’s as If Vision Is Transferring Himself (or at least the Parts that Matter) Into This New Body Provided by Hayward. the Rejuvenated Synthezoid Declares, “I Am Vision,” and Then Takes Off in The Hopes of Renegotiating His Contract with Disney.

During Their Tearful Farewell, Wanda’s Soon-To-Be-Deleted Husband Muses on What He “could Be Next,” Teasing Vision’s Eventual Comeback.

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Why White Vision Left Westview

Though the Revived White Vision Doesn’t Stick Around for Long, He Still Seems to Be Working out Some Kinks in His Programming.

wandavision ending explained

It Only Took a Few Minutes for The Synthezoid to Transition from Being a Mindless Killing Machine Devoted to Sword to Having His Head Flooded with Memories that Are Both His Own and Not His Own.

White Vision’s Violent Outburst Was Halted, but He Still Has a Ways to Go Before He Can Be Trusted as An Ally. No Doubt, Vision Is Confused by This Sudden Flood of Recollections and Torn Over His True Nature, Which Is Why He Flees Instead of Staying to Lend a Hand.

If You’re Wondering Where Vision Is, You Should Ask Bucky Barnes. the Winter Soldier Went to The Smithsonian After He Survived His Hydra Conditioning to Learn More About His Past. It’s Possible that Something Like that Would Happen to White Vision.

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Perhaps He’ll Try to Learn More About His Alleged Creators, Tony Stark and Ultron. Perhaps, in A Last-Ditch Effort to Figure out Who He Is Now, Vision Will Go Back To The Locations He Knows from The Old Vision’s Memories, Such as Sokovia, the Avengers’ Headquarters, and Other Familiar Landmarks.


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