Instagram Is Reportedly Removing Its Shopping Page Amid a Move to Drive More Direct Ad Revenue: Know More!

Instagram is reportedly removing its shopping page amid a move to drive more direct ad revenue

It has been reported that in an effort to generate more direct ad revenue, Instagram is disabling many of its shopping capabilities. The current shopping page on the Meta-owned photo and video sharing site will be removed in the future as the firm shifts its focus from e-commerce to operations that directly drive advertising.

It is rumored to be shifting its focus to a “Tab Lite” shopping experience, which has less personalized recommendations. By abandoning several long-term projects, the company is shifting its focus to the short-form video industry, as evidenced by this latest move.

The Information claims that Instagram plans to reduce the scope of its purchasing capabilities as it prioritizes e-commerce initiatives that directly drive advertising. Employees were apparently informed of the change on Tuesday.

Instagram’s present Shop section will be removed in the near future. Internally, this change is known as “Tab Lite,” and it refers to a new shopping page that the company will be using.

According to the source, the company owned by Meta may release a public beta of its app today, allowing customers to experience the ‘Tab Lite’ version of the company’s purchasing page.

Recent reports have also indicated that Meta is looking to expand the number of premium features available on its Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp services. In order to develop “potential premium products,” the company is apparently hiring Pratiti RayChoudhaury, formerly the head of research at Meta, to head up a new product organization.

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It Has Been Announced that Instagram Will Be Disabling a Number of Its Shopping Services.

According to the allegation, the company made modifications to its app with the intention of directing users to the Tab Lite version of its purchasing page.

Over email, a representative from Meta stated:

“Instagram’s focus on commerce won’t be changing anytime soon. From feeds to stories to reels to innovations like live shopping and drops, we’re always finding new ways to make the app more user-friendly for product discovery and purchase.

The decrease in shopping features on Instagram is part of a larger, company-wide shift away from e-commerce efforts. According to The Information, the tech giant announced to its employees earlier this summer that it was delaying a number of planned commerce initiatives.

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Instagram to Refocus on Its E-Commerce Efforts on Advertising

The Information stated that Meta has put money into “creator commerce” on Instagram’s shopping platform, as well as its “Friends & Family Shopping” area, community-driven shopping projects, and visual search.

On the other hand, Instagram will not be changing its focus to something other than a place to conduct online commerce. This is what a company representative said to The Information;

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“We’re still dedicated to creating Instagram the finest platform for connecting with others. As a result, more customers will be able to find and support their favorite companies and creators.


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