Jenny69 Responds to “La 69” Criticism: “I Ignore the Haters”!

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Jenny69 responds to media criticism of her famous song “La 69.” During an interview with Pepe Garcia, the beauty influencer responded to her song “Los haters” by saying, “I never pay attention because I love the song.”

I gave it my all to the song. She says that she believes people are surprised to see women in corridors. In a subsequent interview with Ryan Seacrest, she reiterates her claim. “I think it’s because there aren’t many females in the game with that genre of music,” she says.

She says that she was aware it would blow up, but not to the extent that it did. So it’s relatively new and heavily dominated by men, which I believe is why it’s taken off. Furthermore, everything I do goes viral.

However, it did explode. Her first song had over three million views on YouTube earlier this week, and it now has four million. However, four times as many people disliked the music as they liked it.

Numerous internet memes were created in response to the song’s backlash; some even made fun of her song’s role in breaking Facebook and Instagram earlier this week.

Jenny69 appears to be handling things well. She plans to release more music in the future simply because she enjoys it. Even though “La 69” was her first song, it was also the first time she had ever entered a recording studio, according to her.

She goes on to say that she wants to try reggaeton in the future. In the meantime, her current song is still going strong. With 4.7 million views, it remains the most popular video on YouTube.

Jenny69 Will Release a New Single as a Follow-up to the Popular Song “La 69”

Jenny69, an Instagram beauty influencer who went viral with her viral single “La 69” last year, revealed that her follow-up single, “Más Cabrona Que Bonita,” will be released this Friday, Jan. 28.

You’re all feeling the motherfucking vibes, Buchona shit! You guys, I recently uploaded my single cover! I mean, my single body ruined my next song.

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Why not, right? I’ve put a lot of time and effort into this song. “I am so excited for you guys to hear it,” Baddie Lashes’ creator said on Instagram.

Jenny69, real name Jenny Ruiz, posted the music video that quickly went viral, thanks partly to her acceptance of the “Buchanan” lifestyle, nearly four months ago.


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According to the video teaser for “Más Cabrona Que Bonita,” she is still living her so-called lifestyle and is from Riverside, California. How could we forget the lyrics, “Soy la 69, soy la chingona que salió de Riverside?”

She has performed in a posada for Mexican-American musician Larry Hernandez, released a remix of the song on the circuit, and received harsh criticism from Latino media for claiming a “Buchanan” lifestyle. To be sure, no press is bad press.

Although La 69’s singing career has been heavily criticized, some fans are eager to hear what she has been working on.

She has since amassed more than 11 million views on YouTube for the famous “La 69” music video, regardless of her audience’s positive or negative anticipation for her. She is expected to gain more momentum with this upcoming single.

Will her performance of “Más Cabrona Que Bonita” on Friday break the internet? We’ll be here with our palomitas con chile, watching it unfold.


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