What is Debbie Rowe’s Net Worth?


Deborah Rowe resides in the Californian city of Palmdale. She was identified with a specific type of breast cancer in 2016.

She went on to become a prosperous businesswoman after divorcing Schаel Sackson in 1999.

In an appearance on “Entertainment Tonight” the same year, she revealed that she was dating cameraman and Jackson employee arc Chaffee, who was helping her with her health difficulties.

She filed a statement through her attorney after Ackon passed away claiming that she was not the children’s biological mother and that she was negotiating for parental rights in exchange for money.

She was prosperous. In March 2010, she was victorious in her lawsuit for invasion of privacy against a source who gave her access to personal emails for the television and entertainment news programme “Stra,” and she was given a settlement of $27,000 as compensation.

Debbie Rowe: Early Life


Deborah Jeanne Rowe was born on December 6, 1958. Rowe, an adopted child of a wealthy Malibu, California, couple, grew up alone. When she entered into her first committed relationship at the age of 30, the breakup was painful.

When Rowe first met Michael Jackson, she was still getting over her divorce and employed as a nurse at a dermatologist’s office in Los Angeles. Jackson visited the clinic frequently after receiving a vitiligo diagnosis in the middle of the 1980s.

Debbie Rowe: Net Worth

According to HIGH-INCOME SOURCE, the estimated net worth of Debbie Rowe is $25 million. As the surrogate mother for two of music icon Michael Jackson’s children, Debbie Rowe is well-known. Her custody agreement with Michael Jackson is credited with having contributed the majority of her wealth.

When she first met Michael Jackson, he was a patient at the dermatologist’s office where Debbie Rowe worked in Los Angeles.

Jackson and Rowe became friends, and they decided that she would have his children. The couple’s second child, Paris Katherine, was born in April 1998 after Rowe gave birth to Michael “Prince” Jackson in February 1997. Rowe gave up and filed a lawsuit to reclaim custody later, but she never did.

Subtract Debbie Rowe’s total liabilities from her total assets to determine her net worth.

The total assets comprise her investments, savings, cash deposits, and any equity she may have in a home, automobile, or another comparable item. Total liabilities comprise all obligations, including mortgages and personal loans.

Debbie Rowe: Awards


The most important accomplishment in Debbie Rоwe’s life, when it comes to the future, is that she was supported. Debbie Rоwe hasn’t received any professional honours in her career. At his lowest point, he discovered that his goal of becoming a father had come true.

Debbie Rowe: Career

While Jackson was receiving vitiligo treatment, Rowe met him. She became pregnant in 1996, and the two were wed in Sydney, Australia.

Michael Joseph Jackson Jr. was born to her in 1997. She gave birth to a daughter the next year, Paris Jackson, in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles.

Rowe has characterised herself as being a private individual who hardly ever gave interviews. Rowe and Jackson got divorced in 1999, and Rowe handed Jackson full custody of the kids.

She requested the termination of her parental rights for the two children in 2001 before a private judge. In 2004, Jackson petitioned the court to have the judgement overturned after being accused of 10 charges of child abuse.

She sold her Beverly Hills house the next year for $1.3 million and invested the proceeds in a ranch near Palmdale. A few years later, she filed a lawsuit against Jackson seeking two payments totalling $50,000 and $195,000 to proceed with a child custody dispute.

Debbie Rowe’s net worth is projected to be around $25 million as of September 2022.


How Much is Debbie Rowe Worth?

According to estimates, Debbie Rowe is worth $25 million.

How Old is Debbie Rowe?

Debbie Rowe, who was born on December 6, 1958, is 63 years old at the moment.

How Tall is Debbie Rowe?

Debbie Rowe is 5 feet 8 inches tall, or 1.72 metres.

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For $1.3 million, Rowe sold her Beverly Hills home in 2005 and used the proceeds to purchase a ranch near Palmdale.

She filed a lawsuit against Jackson in 2006 seeking two payments totalling $195,000 upfront and $50,000 later on to pursue a child custody dispute. She was awarded legal expenses of $60,000 from Jackson.


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