The Best HDMI Switcher Available for Console Flexibility!

hdmi switcher

Our team of specialists has come to the conclusion that the Kinivo 550BN HDMI switcher is the best option for anyone who needs a switcher but does not have time to get mired down in the specifics. It’s reasonably priced, requires only a sufficient number of components, and functions flawlessly.

TVs’ lack of connectors for external devices like streaming boxes and game consoles is a major drawback. An HDMI switcher is a great solution to this problem because it allows many devices to share a single cable leading into your TV, effectively increasing the number of available ports.

Getting a switch that can handle your desired resolution is crucial, so keep that in mind when shopping. HD is the more affordable alternative, while 4K, often called ultra HD, provides a clearer picture but is more expensive.

The primary benefit of an HDMI switch is that it allows you to connect many devices to a single monitor, and the Kinivo 550BN is up to the task. It’s built for heavy users and accepts up to five HDMI sources for a single display. After using it for several weeks with a BenQ HT3550 4K projector, our reviewer Emily Ramirez concluded that the two were built for each other.

There are some complications with the Kinivo’s cables. It’s not easy to keep the cables neat and tidy because all the ports are in a row along one side. However, it’s cheap, easy to use, and pleasant, and it’s priced similarly to similar offerings.

Here are some highly recommended HDMI switches that were compiled after consulting an expert and researching some of the most widely used and praised types on the market.

Jsaux HDMI 2 x 1 Bi-Directional Switch

$11.98 $9.99 at Amazon

The Jsaux HDMI 2 x 1 Bi-Directional Switch allows you to easily switch between two input devices, such as a laptop or gaming console, and a single output source, such as a TV, computer monitor, or projector, with the push of a button.

The HDMI cable that comes with the plug-and-play device is 3.3 feet long (unlike some switches that sell the HDMI cable separately). It’s capable of displaying 4K video at 60Hz and can play 3D content.

Because of its reversible nature, you can transmit a single signal to two displays at once, albeit it’s not possible to show the same thing on both. Input devices such as computers, game consoles, Blu-ray players, streaming devices; and display devices such as televisions, monitors, and projectors are all supported by the switch.

Benfei 4K HDMI 2 x 1 Bi-Directional Switcher

$10.99 at Amazon

Input from one source can be projected onto two separate displays (but not at the same time) with the Benfei 4K HDMI Switcher, or you can connect and switch between two input devices (such as a laptop and a video game console).

The 4K at 30fps resolution is supported by the switch’s bidirectional nature. The switcher can take input from a variety of sources (such as a streaming device) and send it to a display (such as a monitor, projector, or television). The button at the top of the switch allows you to make a selection change. To reiterate, the HDMI cables are sold separately.

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Gana HDMI 3 x 1 Switch

$19.99 $13.99 at Amazon

This simple plug-and-play gadget permits simultaneous connection of three devices to a TV or monitor. It’s capable of handling photos at up to 4K at 30 frames per second. The three-in-one switch works with DVRs, DVD players, and game consoles.

The remote that comes with Gana’s switch means you never have to get up from your couch to make a choice. Sadly, the HDMI cables are sold separately.

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Ugreen HDMI 3 x 1 Switch

$18.99 at Amazon

This switch makes it simple to connect three devices to your TV at once. The Ugreen HDMI 3 x 1 Switch allows you to easily connect your computer, streaming device, or gaming console to your TV, monitor, or projector.

It also supports 4K output at 30 frames per second. This tiny plug-and-play device may be operated from up to 15 feet away with the included remote. Not even an HDMI cable is included.

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Sgeyr HDMI 5 x 1 Switch

$35.99 $29.99 at Amazon

The Sgeyr HDMI 5 x 1 Switch allows you to connect five different devices to a single HDMI port, and it can handle 4K at 30 frames per second. You may simply switch between your connected devices using the provided remote (or the button on the switch). However, you’ll need to buy your own HDMI cable; we just provide the USB cable.

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Anber-Tech HDMI Matrix 3 x 2 With 3.5mm Audio Output

$41.99 at Amazon

This HDMI Matrix 3 x 2 can be used in either matrix mode, where each display is independent of the other, or splitter mode, where both screens show the same content. With the two HDMI outputs, you may link it to a TV or projector, while the three inputs can be utilized to connect various devices like laptops, game consoles, and media players.

Two 3.5mm audio connectors so you may plug in your speakers or headphones without worrying about compatibility issues. Four thousand at sixty frames per second is doable on the matrix. The HDMI cable is a separate purchase.


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