Jack O Pose: A Jack-o Figure From Guilty Gear Will Strike a Memetic Pose!

Jack O Pose

Apex Toys revealed at WonFes 2022 that a Jack-O Valentine action figure is in the works. Because the image only shows the figure’s silhouette, it is difficult to predict how it will eventually appear.

However, the character will strike her famous “Jack-O pose.” In the Jack-O pose, Jack-O lowers her chest to the floor. She then lifts her back into the air, her legs spread wide and her feet planted firmly on the ground.

There was even a “Jack-O Challenge,” in which people drew or photographed themselves striking the pose. Jack-O is crouching in this position. In Guilty Gear Strive, it looks like this.

The Jack-O pose figure’s price and release date are currently unknown. The WonFes 2022 Summer Festival also featured a 1/7 scale Ryza figure and a 1/7 scale Shionne from Tales of Arise figure.

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Additional images can be found on Twitter using the hashtag #WF2022S. Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator, the sequel to Guilty Gear Xrd Sign, introduced Jack-O as a playable character for the first time.

She appeared as a DLC character in Guilty Gear Strive after Goldlewis Dickenson, the first DLC character. The Jack-O figurine is currently in production.

Jack O Pose

What Exactly is the Jack-O Challenge?

You’ve probably seen the challenge go viral on social media, but can you describe it in detail? It indeed receives a lot of attention and respect from the gaming community.

Everything stems from Jack-O, the most recent downloadable content character for Guilty Gear Strive.

Social media users are attempting to replicate the highly flexible (uncomfortable?) pose made famous by Jack-O using the hashtag “#jackochallenge.”

Participants in the trend are drawing well-known characters in the “style” of Jack-O, and some even go through the motions by physically striking the same pose.

The character is set to make her debut on the game’s character select screen this Friday (27th August).


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