Maximilian Schmidt: Run One of the Biggest Online Drug Websites in Germany!

Maximilian Schmidt

True-crime documentaries have grown in popularity in recent years, and some of the best can be found on Netflix.

Shiny Flakes: The Teenage Drug Lord, on the other hand, stands out from other true crime documentaries because Maximilian Schmidt’s life story inspired a Netflix drama series called How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast), which recently returned for season 3.

Maximilian Schmidt’s story seems almost too unbelievable for a television show, but what happened to “Shiny Flakes,” and where is he now?

As a Teenager, Max Schmidt Started Peddling Drugs on the Dark Web

If you’ve seen the documentary How to Sell Drugs Online, you’re already familiar with much of Schmidt’s backstory. Schmidt discovered that it was straightforward to buy drugs online in 2013, so he created his dark website.

“At first, I was terrified, and I found myself wondering, ‘Is it just like in the movies?’ You engage in this behavior, and the authorities then show up?” he said in the documentary’s promotional video.

However, it wasn’t long before he sold almost every drug on the market via his website and used the local post office to ship out his orders.

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“First, you made the payment, and then it was processed and shipped,” Schmidt explained. “You don’t have any shoes, but you do have drugs.”

Local law enforcement eventually linked Schmidt to the crimes he committed when a few of Schmidt’s packages could not be delivered to their intended recipients.

The authorities began their investigation after discovering that the packages’ return addresses were incorrect and that the boxes contained drugs.

Schmidt, who admitted to committing the crime, was apprehended in February 2015. He was sentenced to seven years in prison, and a portion of the Bitcoin he earned from the sales was taken from him.

Maximilian Schmidt

Max Schmidt is Currently Where?

Schmidt was still incarcerated and serving his sentence when he spoke with Netflix for the Shiny documentary Flakes: The Teenage Drug Lord. Schmidt, who was only 20 years old when he was charged with his crimes, is now in his mid-twenties and serving a seven-year sentence because he was tried as a minor when he was arrested.

Schmidt was released on probation after serving only four years of his sentence; however, there are reports that he is now the subject of an investigation for drug trafficking after his release.

Schmidt does not feel remorse for the crimes he has committed, according to the documentary. He reads a review written and published on the Shiny Flakes website in one of the scenes.

“Two of my teeth fell out right away; this stuff f—ks you up,” one reviewer said, and this is precisely what happened to him. Schmidt burst out laughing after reading the quote” “It appears that he was content,” he said”

“The psychologist who wrote a report on him during the trial said about Maximilian Schmidt’ ‘I experienced neither regret nor guilt, but instead paid,” film’s director, Eva Müller, told DW” “During the trial, the psychologist who wrote a report on him said about Maximilian Schmid.”

Schmidt says in the film that there was never a time when he thought to himself” “Wow, this is crazy.”” “It was more of ‘ ‘Wow, this is crazy!’ attitude, so in a good wa”,” she explained. Shiny Flakes is currently available to watch on Netflix for free.


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