Phone Keyboard Tips You Might Not Know About

7 Phone Keyboard Tips You Might Not Know About

The next trick is exclusive to the iPhone: when you compose your message, words that can be replaced with emojis will begin to glow orange. To substitute an emoji for any highlighted word, just tap on it.

Easily Edit Text

The keyboard on your phone may be used for more than just tapping out text; it also serves as a selection tool, editor, and cursor controller. This can be difficult depending on the size of your device’s screen.

The Space key on the iPhone keyboard can be used as a touchpad if you press and hold it, which is a useful function in this situation. This trackpad allows for precise text cursor movement via finger dragging.

If you’re using an Android device, you can access a similar function by clicking the menu button in the upper-right corner of the keyboard and selecting Text Editing. You’ll also be provided with shortcut keys for copying, pasting, and selecting text.

Save Time Typing

Have you heard that you can train your phone to substitute lengthier text strings for bespoke acronyms? Rather than repeatedly tapping out “be there soon,” you can simply type “bts” and let your phone take it from there.

To get Text Replacement on an iPhone, go to Settings > General > Keyboard. The plus sign (+) can then be used to create more quick links. The alternatives will pop up as you type to replace the shortcuts.

To access your own vocabulary on Android, press the settings cog above the keyboard and select Dictionary. After selecting a language, you’ll be sent to a screen where you may add shortcuts—this time as suggestions hovering over the keyboard—by tapping the + (plus) button.

Using shortcuts for text substitution can greatly reduce the amount of time spent typing.

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Instead of Typing, Use Your Voice.

There’s also the option of using voice dictation instead of the phone’s keyboard. If you’re in a position where you can’t use your phone with both hands, you could find this method to be much faster.

When using an iPhone or an Android phone, activating the dictation capability is as easy as pressing a button. Start talking by selecting the microphone icon (it’s located below the right iOS keyboard and above the right Android keyboard).

You’ll get the hang of it in no time, and then all you have to do is pronounce the appropriate punctuation or other special characters to include them. Simply tapping the keyboard icon (iOS) or the microphone icon (Android) will restore the default settings (Android).

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Switch Keyboards Completely

There are many third-party keyboard apps available for both iOS and Android, so you don’t have to use the one that came with your phone.

One of the most widely used alternatives is SwiftKey, a keyboard app that is both free and produced by Microsoft and accessible for both iOS and Android. Eventually, it should be able to predict and correct your mistakes with greater accuracy because it will have learned your typing style.

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Typewise is a free alternative to other text editors for iOS and Android. It employs a novel honeycomb pattern and offers extensive personalization options to increase typing speed by as much as 33 percent.


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