Is Princess Anne a Lesbian? Know More About Her Life!

is princess anne a lesbian

Princess Anne of the United Kingdom is a member of the royal family who is worth $10 million. The late Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh had one daughter, and that daughter is Princess Anne.

She competed in the Olympics as the first member of the British royal family and won multiple awards for her equestrian skills. Anne, in her capacity as a member of the British royal family, has served as patron to more than 300 organizations, primarily in the fields of science, education, health, sport, and disability.

In London, England, on August 15, 1950, during the reign of her maternal grandfather King George VI, the second child and only daughter of Princess Elizabeth, Duchess of Edinburgh, and Philip, Duke of Edinburgh was born. Her mother would go on to become Queen Elizabeth II a few years later.

King Charles is older sister Anne’s older brother. Anne’s caretaker and educator as a child, Catherine Peebles, was a remarkable woman. She continued her education at Benenden School in Kent, graduating with two A-Levels and six GCE O-Levels in 1968.

Is She a Lesbian?

Elaine Chalus, professor of British history and head of the department at the University of Liverpool, told Harper’s Bazaar that despite “strong indications of romance” between Queen Anne and the two women and even rumors at the time of “dark deeds at night,” there is “no historical evidence that Queen Anne was involved in any active lesbian affairs.”

She remarked, “She was a woman of her day, highly pious, she prayed several times a day.

As we’ve established, she had a monogamous marriage and had children with the same man throughout their marriage. As a prude, she was cautious.

Even if we can’t say for sure that these occurrences didn’t happen, we can say that it’s exceedingly unlikely that they did.

Anne’s personality and the fact that royal houses were always busy with servants and courtiers and seething with gossip worked together to prevent this.


Anne met Mark Phillips, an equestrian and royal lieutenant, at a party for horse lovers in 1968, and the two were married in late 1973.

Peter and Zara are the children of the marriage. Anne and Phillips separated in 1989 and filed for divorce two years later, in 1992.

After their initial breakup, Anne started dating Royal Navy commander Timothy Laurence, whom she eventually married in 1992. She was the first royal divorcee to remarry since Queen Victoria’s granddaughter in 1905.

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Who Was Anne’s First Husband, if Anyone Knows?

In 1982, Anne was in a relationship with actor Mark Phillips.

Along with Mark Phillips in 1982, Anne. Photography by Getty Images
Anne and Mark Phillips, a lieutenant in the 1st Queen’s Dragoon Guards, met at a party in 1968.

In May of 1973, they shared the happy news that they were engaged. The pair tied the knot at Westminster Abbey in front of an estimated 100 million viewers on television in November of that year.

Phillips was offered the title of an earl but turned it down. As a result, their offspring lacked proper lineage at birth.

Anne and Phillips’s divorce was finalized in August of 1989. They had already moved on with other persons by this point in time. After divorcing in 1992, they each took turns caring for their children.

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Equestrian Profession

In the 70s, Anne became a recognized equestrian. At the beginning of the decade, she placed fourth at the Rushall Horse Trials and first in the individual competition at the European Eventing Championship in Burghley.

Additionally, Anne raced as part of the British eventing team, winning a silver medal in the European Eventing Championship team event in 1975. Within the same time frame, she also achieved solo silver success.

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Thereafter, in 1976, Anne rode for Great Britain at the Summer Olympics in Montreal, where she sadly had a concussion during the competition. Anne stepped down as president of the Fédération Equestre Internationale in 1986 and stayed in that role until 1994, long after her riding career had ended.



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