Remember Me Ending Explained: Is Tyler Dead?

remember me ending explained

In the romantic drama ‘Remember Me,’ a troubled young man must face his grief and mend his fractured relationships. The plot centres on his relationships with his family, specifically his dad, sister, and girlfriend, and at first glance it seems like a fairly standard love story.

But the final minutes of the film throws everything we thought we knew about it out the window. For our main character, this is what the story’s final moments mean. Keep this article bookmarked for later viewing if you haven’t seen the movie yet.


Despite it being six years since his brother’s death, Tyler Hawkins, now 21, is still an introverted, brooding young man. He struggles to communicate with his workaholic father and looks out for his younger sister, Caroline, who is still in school.

remember me ending explained During the course of one evening, he becomes involved in a brawl and is ultimately arrested after an altercation with a police officer.

Aidan finds out that the cop has a daughter named Ally, and suggests that Tyler date Ally for a while before breaking up with her as revenge. As Tyler gets to know Ally, however, he falls in love with her.

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What Happens in Remember Me’s Ending

Charles Is an Employee of The World Trade Center and Can Be Found on Floor 101 of The North Tower. on The Morning of September 11, 2001, Tyler Makes an Effort to Meet Him There.

This Was the Time and Place of The September 11 Attacks, Commonly Referred To As 9/11, Which, for Many Readers, Will Be Sufficient to Explain the Novel’s Surprising Conclusion. Hijacked Commercial Airliners Were Flown by Terrorists Into the Twin Towers of The World Trade Center, Bringing Down the Buildings and Killing Thousands.

Remember Me’s Ending Is the Only Time the Attacks Are Referenced Throughout the Film, and Since the Rest of The Movie Is a Small-Scale Domestic Drama, Many Viewers Were Caught Off Guard by It.

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Does Robert Pattinson’s Tyler Survive?

Only the Date and A Shot of Pattinson Looking out The North Tower Window Reveal Tyler’s Fate; His Death Occurs Offscreen. the Subsequent Discovery of Tyler’s Grave Next to That of His Brother Provides Final Confirmation of His Demise.

For Pattinson, Whose (in)fame as A Major Twilight Star Was at Its Peak Around the Time Remember Me Was Released and Who Was Prominently Featured in The Film’s Marketing Materials, This Tragic Role Marked a Significant Departure.

Many Reviews of Remember Me Singled out The Actor’s Agonised Performance as A Highlight, Praising Him for A Solid Turn that Helped Elevate an Otherwise Flawed Film.

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However, Pattinson’s Teen Fans Were Taken Aback by The Twist Ending, Which Featured One of The Worst Atrocities in Recent Memory. Remember Me’s Bold Conclusion Was Met with Mixed Reactions from Reviewers and Moviegoers.



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