Amazon’s Entry-Level Kindle Gets a Pleasing Refresh With Major Stat Boosts

Amazon's Entry-Level Kindle Gets a Pleasing Refresh With Major Stat Boosts

It has been a few years since Amazon updated their Kindle e-reader on the entry-level model, but the company just made an announcement about a substantial update, and it appears that the wait was well worth it.

The storage capacity of the next-generation Kindle e-reader has doubled, going from 8 gigabytes to 16 gigabytes, and is just one of the many ways in which it improves upon its predecessor. It might not seem like much, but considering the size of a book, this increase makes it possible to include thousands more.

The resolution of the 6-inch display has also dramatically increased, going from 167 PPI to 300 PPI. This brings the quality of the device in line with that of its more expensive relative, the Amazon Paperwhite. According to Amazon, this results in text and images that are of “laser-quality” on the new Kindle.

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The team of engineers working on Amazon’s new Kindle has not overlooked any part of the device. Because it is larger and more efficient, the battery can now store enough energy for up to six weeks on a single charge.

The most recent version adds a front-facing light that can be adjusted for use as a night-reading light in addition to a USB-C connector that enables quick charging. In addition, if you purchase this update, you will receive a free four-month trial membership to Kindle Unlimited.

In addition, Amazon is releasing an updated version of its Kindle Kids tablet, which comes with all of the same features as its predecessor as well as a snazzy and colorful cover and a two-year subscription to Amazon Kids+, which provides access to tens of thousands of books that are appropriate for children.

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Both variants are now available for pre-order, and they are scheduled to be delivered on October 12. The basic Kindle may be purchased for $100, while the Kindle Kids Edition can be purchased for $120. (likely to account for that lengthy subscription).


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