Google Announces iOS 16 Lock Screen Widgets for Chrome, Drive & Gmail

Google announces iOS 16 Lock Screen widgets for Chrome, Drive & Gmail

Earlier today, Apple released iOS 16, its newest operating system update. New enhancements in this update make the Apple interface faster and more aesthetically pleasing. Google has revealed that it will support Lock Screen widgets on iOS 16 just one day after the operating system’s debut.

Widget updates are on the way for Google’s flagship services. This includes Google, Chrome, Search, News, Drive, and more. The rollout of the widgets is still a ways off, however. Since the new widgets will be integrated into iPhones’ Lock Screens, they will be vastly different from the ones currently available.

The first thing you see when you pick up your phone is the Lock Screen, and soon there will be Lock Screen widgets for many different Google apps. According to Google’s latest blog post, “You’ll be able to unlock your device to access your favorite Google features in just one tap – and even view some updates right on your Lock Screen.”

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As of soon, Google will release Lock Screen widgets that may be used to quickly open Chrome. Voice searches and anonymous browsing are both options for users.


With the Google Drive Lock Screen widget, users may quickly and easily access their files from any device. You may now quickly access your most often used files and folders by simply tapping their suggested Drive icon.

Google Search

Need to find something quickly? You can now access Google Search directly from your Lock Screen with the new widget. Voice and visual search settings are also available to users.

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Google News

The Google News widget now allows you to view up-to-the-minute headlines right on your device’s Lock Screen. Users need only tap the app’s screen in order to read a story.

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Google Maps

One of the most popular apps, users can now access real-time traffic data and projected trip times directly from their Lock Screens by tapping the app’s icon. Every time they get in the car, users can just tap the widget to launch the app and begin navigation. In addition, by accessing Maps, customers may locate neighboring establishments such as restaurants, stores, and more.

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The number of unread messages may now be viewed in the new Gmail widget. Choose which kind of content, such as Socials or Updates, to display in the widget.

On September 12th, Apple released iOS 16. Any iPhone user can apply the latest software update by navigating to Settings, then General.


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