Educational Shows for Elementary Students


When it comes to choosing TV shows for elementary students to watch, the sheer number of available programs can be overwhelming. Separating the wheat from the entertainment chaff may not always be easy for parents and teachers. But it is not impossible. Some movies and series exist as pure entertainment, but others provide valuable life lessons and practical educational concepts.

Irrespective of the topic, Netflix has a wealth of documentaries and series to stream. Many excellent and high-quality educational TV shows are also available online that can gear up interest in the art of music in tweens or brush up on complex math or science concepts.

A generation ago, teachers delivered at the front of the class and developed rigid lesson plans designed to cover what they considered important. Today, society holds educators, parents, and children to a higher standard. Entertainment’s fast-paced nature has whittled down elementary students’ attention spans.

However, teachers can use educational TV shows to discuss various technology, science, music, art, and engineering topics. Such programs can be the key to unlocking children’s curiosity. Lucky for you, we have weeded through popular TV shows and saved you the trouble of finding the best educational programs online, on local TV stations, and on streaming channels like Netflix, Apple TV, Amazon Prime, and Disney.

12 Best Educational TV Shows for Elementary Students

We have curated a list of the top educational shows for elementary students that are tailor-made for their curious, growing minds. They target all ages, from elementary kids aged 5 years to preteen youngsters aged 13 years. These educational programs will engage and entertain elementary students while educating them about science, reading, history, math, animals, and more in a super fun way. These popular learning shows will also capture their attention through lovable characters, loads of humor, and smart storytelling.

So, in between viewings of funny family movies and animated series on Netflix, play one of these educational TV shows for elementary students. The programs will fully entertain them as they learn valuable academic and social skills. You may also learn something too.

How It’s Made

This show takes viewers to manufacturing plants, mills, and farms around the world to show the production of things like ice cream sandwiches, toilet paper, bubble gum, and other everyday items from raw materials. ‘How It’s Made’ does not water down its language, which holds the attention of older elementary school students.

Planet Earth

Planet Earth features the most stunning high-definition video footage of the animal kingdom. In each of the series’ hour-long episodes, narrators Sigourney Weaver and David Attenborough cover one biome of habitat or Earth. The series discusses freshwater lakes, deserts, plains, mountains, oceans, seas, polar tundras, and forest regions. In each geographical area, the narrators discuss the indigenous animals and plants and how each one plays a crucial role in its ecosystem.

Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey

Cosmos is one of the most talked about educational shows for elementary students on television today. Hosted and narrated by a prominent scholar and astrophysicist, Neil deGrasse Tyson, the show takes viewers on a journey through space, visiting alien worlds, massive stars, and unexplored galaxies. It presents scientific concepts clearly, with both skepticism and wonder to give full effect.

The Social Dilemma

This latest documentary by Jeff Orlowski explores how privacy breaches are features rather than bugs of social media platforms. The show is part drama and part documentary that discusses how social media sites are watching our online behaviors, such as likes, dislikes, and searches, to generate data used for commercial purposes. If your kids have social media accounts, this show is an essential viewing as it paints a grim picture of social media usage and its implications.

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Hosted by Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage, this show uses scientific methods to debunk rumors, urban legends, and popular myths that captivate many people’s minds. Some of the most memorable and exciting episodes in the TV program include finding out the best method for dispatching zombies and where to hide in the event of an earthquake. It also proves whether motorcycling across the water is possible and similar speculations.


Part pantomime, part game show, Swashbuckle features the pirate Gem as she recruits four young swashbucklers to help in her ongoing battle against some good-natured, ‘naughty’ pirates. The four contestants take on different physical tasks, with plenty of encouragement from Gem and guest appearances. The show teaches the importance of teamwork and perseverance.

Wild Kratts

Available on Netflix Kids, Wild Kratts get youngsters excited about nature and the environment through its clever animation series. The show educates elementary students about animal behavior, habitats, and adaptation. It teaches them many facts about wild animals, including predator-prey relationships, told through a different adventure for each episode with lots of humor.

Carmen Sandiego

Carmen Sandiego is a remake of the popular 1990s show. Carmen is an infamous thief, but more in the Robin Hood vein. She steals and returns cultural or historical items to their rightful owners. Carmen is a badass and a strong, empowering female role, making the show a good fit for elementary school boys and girls alike. Its educational elements include historical, geographical, cultural, and scientific information and strategic thinking.

Shop Class

This TV program inspires building and creativity at an early age. It takes an elementary school kid’s woodwork and design class to the next level. Kids get to see young builders bring out their best, work as a team, and showcase their skills in designing, building, and testing new creations. It inspires me to see how the youngsters create so much at their age – young boys designing and girls working with hammers and drills.

Big Shots

This program is a great family-friendly show to watch with preteens. It’s about a college men’s basketball coach who gets kicked out for bad behavior, and the only job he can find is coaching at an elite private girl’s school. He must learn how to adjust his coaching style and manage his temper. This educational show for elementary students has many positive messages about resilience and teamwork.

Junior Bakeoff

This show is too long to keep younger kids engaged, but elementary students aged eight years and above should enjoy the drama and tension of the competition and inspire them to start cooking at home. It has plenty of humor from the host that goes straight over the contestants’ heads.

While the show teaches elementary students how to cook, it also has themes of perseverance, supportiveness, coping with disappointment, and dealing with criticism. Younger and older kids will enjoy watching it, and parents and teachers won’t mind having it on either.

Wrapping Up!

These educational shows target young and old elementary students. They teach kids cognitive and life skills, depict culture and diversity, and include emotional and social education. Besides, the shows can help youngsters develop advanced perspective-taking, which improves their understanding of situations from different perspectives. With these educational shows for elementary students, you can feel better about your kid’s television and tablet intake now more than ever.


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