How to Fix It when YouTube Comments Aren’t Showing Up: Know More!

How to Fix It When YouTube Comments Aren't Showing Up

YouTube comments can be helpful for both users and content developers. In addition to letting creators know if their subscribers like their work, comments also provide viewers a chance to share their own perspectives on the videos they’ve watched. The comments area is a key part of what makes YouTube so popular because it fosters a sense of community.

There are occasions when comments don’t appear or load incorrectly. This can be a frustrating situation for YouTube watchers. Fortunately, there are a few solutions that should help. This piece will explain how to restore hidden YouTube comments.

YouTube Comments Not Showing on An Android Device

Your Android Device Gives You Two Options for Watching YouTube Videos: The Official YouTube App or A Web Browser. if You Are Using One Mode of Reading and Are Having Trouble Seeing the Comments, Try Switching to The Other Mode. if That Doesn’t Work, Try One of The Alternatives Given Below.

Please Upgrade the YouTube App.

Possible Cause of Comments Not Showing: Using an Old Android App Version. This May Be Fixed by Upgrading to The Most Recent Version. Here Are the Measures You Should Take to Achieve This:

  • Find the “Google Play” App and Open It.
  • Go Ahead and Enter “youTube” Into the Search Bar.
  • To Check for Updates, Open the “youTube” App and Look for A “update” Button on The Right Side of The Icon.
  • It’s Time to Delete Your Browser’s Temporary Files and Cookies.

If YouTube Comments Aren’t Loading, Clearing Your Android’s Cache and Cookies May Help. the Steps to Take to Get Rid of Them Are as Follows:

  • Open Your Android’s “settings” Menu.
  • Open the “apps” Menu.
  • You Can Access YouTube by Clicking “manage Apps” and Then “YouTube.”
  • Select “delete All Records.”

It seems that iPhones Are Unable to Display Comments on YouTube.

To View Videos on YouTube on Your iPhone, You Can Do so In Two Different Methods. Though the YouTube App for iPhone Is the Most Common Option, You May Also Access YouTube Using the Safari Browser on Your iPhone.

if YouTube Comments Aren’t Appearing, You Might Try a Different App or Web Browser. if That Doesn’t Work, Read on For Some Alternative Methods of Restoring Comment Functionality.

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Make Sure You’re Using the Most Recent YouTube App

Because of This, Comments May Not Appear Correctly if You Are Not Using the Most Recent App Version. Here’s how To Tell if You’re Using the Most Recent Release:

  • Select the App Store Button.
  • In the Top Right, You’ll See a Small Box Where You Can Choose a Profile Picture.

There Will Be a Selection of Programmes Displayed. Check if There Is a Newer Version on YouTube by Going Through the List. to Do So, Select the “update” Option.

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Delete Your Past History and Current Cookies

The Amount of Information Kept in Your iPhone’s Cache and Cookies Can Prevent YouTube Comments from Appearing at Times. Delete Your Browser’s History and Cookie Files by Doing the Following:

  • Find the Gear Symbol and Press It.
  • Go to The Safari Menu.
  • Click the Link that Says “Clear History and Website Data.”
  • To Wipe out All Previous Activity, Select the Corresponding Menu Item.

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Why Can’t You See Comments on YouTube?

The Most Common Reason for This Problem Is Faults in Your Profile Settings. There Are Other Issues You Can Try out To Solve This Issue.
Other Reasons Include:

  • Cache and Cookies Build-Up
  • Apps Not Applying the Latest Updates
  • Glitches with The Browser
  • Faults in Mobile Devices
  • Actual Glitches with The App
  • You Tube Generally Addresses Its Glitches Very Quickly After Being Informed About Them.


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