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Speak No Evil 2022 Ending Explained: Does Agnes Survive?

speak no evil 2022 ending explained

Both Christian and Mads Tafdrup had a hand in writing and directing Speak No Evil, and the film’s opening shot of a man and a woman stepping out of a car with a boy is rather unsettling.

The following day, we visit with Bjrn (Morten Burian), Louise (Sidsel Siem Koch), and their daughter Agnes (Liva Forsberg) as they travel through Tuscany, Italy on a vacation.

When the man from earlier returns to claim the chair where Bjrn had stored his belongings, he readily gives it over. From the way the man is shown joining his family and setting up the chair while leaving his t-shirt on it, he knows that this is simply the beginning of a power struggle.

Later that night, at dinner, he sees the same man and his wife again; they seem delighted to be on vacation with everyone else. Bjrn sees the man staring at him during the play, and he also seems to be following him around at night.

Rather than freak out, Bjrn takes his family on a sightseeing tour of the city. Agnes, at about the halfway point, laments that she can’t find her stuffed bunny, Ninus. Bjorn decides to go look for it after some deliberation.

He comes back to find the man, his wife, and their son mingling with Louise and Agnes. Patrick (Fedja van Huêt) introduces himself, his wife Karin (Karina Smulders), and their kid Abel (Marius Damslev), who, by the way, doesn’t speak much.

Patrick is blown away by Louise’s account of Bjorn’s brave journey to find Ninus for Agnes. The skeptical Bjrn is surprised to hear Patrick express that he respects Bjrn for making sure his daughter didn’t lose her favorite toy. After being so impressed, Bjorn and his family decided to have lunch with Patrick and his.

Karin’s first move is to extend an offer for Louise to visit Holland (Karin’s and Patrick’s country of origin) with her family, and Louise gladly agrees. Having learned such interesting tidbits about one another as “Louise is a pescatarian” and “the Swedish and Dutch people are alike,” the two friends part ways.

After Bjrn, Louise, and Agnes return to Sweden, they are invited by Patrick and Karin to spend the weekend with them in the Dutch countryside via postcard. They aren’t really sold on the idea, but after some convincing from their pals, they decide to pack up and head to Holland nonetheless.

They arrive at Patrick and Karin’s place, where they do some gift-giving and small talk before settling in. However, there are warning signs that suggest catastrophe is imminent: Agnes and Patrick and Karin’s assurance that she’ll be fine sharing a bedroom with Abel, Patrick’s insistence that Louise eats meat, and Abel’s lack of a tongue.

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Ending Explained

Something is very wrong with the Dutch family, and Speak No Evil doesn’t waste any time making that abundantly evident throughout the entirety of the Shudder horror film.

Whether it’s Patrick’s insistence that Louise, a vegetarian, eat meat, Karin’s attempts to force Bjorn to pay for an extravagant meal, or their sudden announcement that Muhajid, a babysitter Louise and Bjorn have never met, will be watching their children, it’s clear that Patrick and Karin don’t give a hoot about how much their guests are inconvenienced.

Patrick verbally abuses his children Agnes and Abel when they botch a dancing routine, and he watches Louise wash while manhandling his son Abel on a playground. After Louise finds her child sleeping with Patrick and a naked Karin, she begs Bjorn to escape with Agnes, but their attempt at fleeing is unsuccessful.

Bjorn’s car breaks down, forcing him to seek help in the woods, a staple plot device of the horror genre. When he returns to his car, he finds Patrick and Karin holding Agnes and Louise prisoner.

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Does Agnes Survive?

Speak No Evil has a happy ending, although Agnes may be wishing she hadn’t made it to see it. Bjorn goes outside after hearing Patrick beat Abel and finds the boy’s body. He learns that Karin and Patrick are vicious criminals who abducted Abel, amputated his tongue, and planned to do the same to his family.

Bjorn begs Patrick not to harm Louise and Agnes after discovering him with them. When he obeys Patrick’s instructions, his family will be safe, Patrick promises (unsurprisingly, this is a lie).

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Without doing anything to stop it, Bjorn and Louise watch as Karin removes Agnes’ tongue and takes the infant away, and then Patrick drives them to an empty quarry. Louse and Bjorn are murdered there by Patrick and Muhajid, who use stones to do it.

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