Amazon Improves Its Most Affordable Kindle: Know More!

Amazon Improves its Most Affordable Kindle

If reading is your only concern, an e-reader costing more than $100 is unnecessary. With a starting price of $100 (thanks, epidemic! ), Amazon’s newest entry-level Kindle is more expensive than its predecessor’s $90 (but better on the eyes) because of the device’s improved display. Lock screen ad removal is an additional cost.

For individuals who aren’t interested in constantly being bombarded with advertisements while reading, we suggested the Kobo Nia, a $100 alternative to the cheapest Kindle, two years ago. The Kobo Nia cost $120, while the ad-supported Kindle could be had for $90 (with an additional $20 if you choose to omit Amazon’s Special Offers advertisements).

Unlike the entry-level Kindle, which only offers 167 ppi, text at lesser font sizes on the Kobo Nia’s 212 PPI E Ink display looks far better.

Amazon has announced a new entry-level Kindle that features a USB-C charging port, 16GB of storage space rather than 8, six weeks of battery life on a single charge, a choice of black or denim (blue) instead of black or white, and an E Ink screen with a 300 PPI resolution, the same as the screens on Amazon’s more expensive Kindles.

Still absent from the new budget Kindle, though, are controls for the screen’s colour temperature. Like its forerunner, this device uses a thin band of LEDs to cast a comfortable blue light onto its E Ink screen, making it easy to read even in low light.

However, you can’t change the color temperature of the light to something warmer as on more recent Paperwhite models if you’d rather not read by cold blue light late at night.

The Kobo Nia suffers from the same shortcoming, so if you’re looking for an e-reader for less than $100, you’ll have to look elsewhere. The new Kindle has a starting price of $100, but that’s for the ad-supported lock screen model; if you’d rather not have any advertisements, the device will set you back $120.

Price-wise, both are $10 more than their forerunners, but for a limited time, Amazon is including a four-month subscription to Kindle Unlimited, which is twice as long as the standard trial period.

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Amazon is also updating the Kindle Kids model to include the same hardware improvements as the standard Kindle, such as USB-C charging, longer battery life, more storage capacity, and a 300 PPI E Ink display.

One year of access to Amazon Kids+ is included, as well as your choice of three different covers featuring either a Space Whale, Unicorn Valley, or Ocean Explorer. There are thousands of books and other resources suitable for children included in that package.

Unlike the regular Kindle, the Kindle Kids gives parents access to a dashboard where they can set reading schedules and limit access to content after bedtimes, as well as allow children to request content like new ebooks without them being able to outright buy it themselves, which is a welcome limitation in an age of rampant micro-transactions.

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There is only one $120 model of the Kindle Kids e-reader that does not display adverts when the device is locked. The improved display, battery life, and storage space appear to warrant the additional $10 over the prior edition.


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