How to See Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter Posts Chronologically? Know More!

How to See Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter Posts Chronologically

The default for social media feeds does not prioritize time order. When you take a “doomscroll” across Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, an algorithm rearranges the content in a way that provides a unique (and often convoluted) perspective. Not necessarily in this way.

Social media giants Facebook and Twitter both have a feature that gives users more control over the platform’s algorithm but with some important restrictions. Expect the changes to be temporary; in most cases, you’ll need to repeat these steps every time you visit the social media platform to see postings in the correct order.

Still, you can expect on seeing advertising throughout the many posts. In addition, maybe you just need a fresh start since you’re not happy with the content at all, regardless of where it falls in the timeline. If that’s the case, check out the advice for closing your social network accounts provided by crossover99.

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Before now, Instagram was mostly recognized as a place to share pictures of your food and your travels’ aesthetics. App users may be in luck if they ignore the algorithm as they scroll through their primary feed, despite the fact that the app now favors short video content.

Instagram’s mobile app may be easily modified to display posts in reverse chronological order. To begin, head to the top left of your screen and click the Instagram logo to access the menu. From there, choose the Following.

Any customizations made will be temporary and will need to be redone each time the app is launched.


Facebook was an early adopter of rearranging social network posts into a disorienting feed, although users can alter the site’s default settings to display content in reverse chronological order if they like.

To navigate Facebook from your desktop computer, click the “Home” tab. To modify your timeline, select See more, scroll down a bit, then click on Most Recent. Adapt your thinking. Select the Return to top posts to link that appears above the Facebook popularity instant.

To access Feeds in the Facebook mobile app, open the menu by tapping the three horizontal lines in the lower right corner. A choice made in this way exposes the order in which things are set up.

To see consecutive content from Favorites, Friends, Groups, or Pages, switch to the corresponding tab. For a comprehensive breakdown of the Facebook news feed in chronological order, read this piece by Brian Barrett.

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Although Twitter was first envisioned as a sort of microblogging, it has since expanded into a full-fledged social media network. Users of the social networking service Twitter are exposed to a wide variety of content, from professional portfolios posted by artists to NSFW memes posted by brands vying for attention.

Tap the flicker icon in the top right corner of the screen to see all the strange, funny, and annoying tweets in chronological order. Twitter’s algorithmic feed is called “Home Tweets,” and you may disable it by selecting Switch to newest Tweets from the menu at the top of your screen.

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TikTok’s For You page is propelled by an algorithm that dynamically responds to in-app behaviors. It’s certainly for the best that TikTok doesn’t have a chronological version of the FYP, but users who keep skipping to the Following tab in the hopes of seeing the most recent posts from their favorite creators in a linear fashion may be disappointed.

If you go to a user’s profile page, you can watch their videos in roughly the order they were uploaded. The films are displayed in reverse chronological order, with the most current at the top (behind any pinned posts).

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YouTube makes it quite simple to watch the most current videos from your subscribed channels, so it’s worth considering even if it’s not the first social media medium that comes to mind when seeking out sequential posts.

Simply navigate to the Subscriptions section of your smart TV or mobile app. Keep up with channels that regularly offer new movies by using the Subscriptions tab.


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